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By mrmichaelt
TF/GB #5

Main Story
Giant alien robots vs. Giant alien robot ghost-like being. Check.

It was amusing that the other Decepticons refused to aid Megatron because Optimus' deal was more enticing. But I mean... "Decept" in "Decepticons" says it all, pretty obvious they're going to turn on the Autobots if they succeed in transplanting them to new physical bodies. But, eh.

Soundwave's play-by-play analysis was hilarious. And I was hoping we'd see some of the Mini-Cassettes then to boot, Ray gets slimed. heh. Winston's reply to that was the best. I'm on the fence about the G.I. Joe reference, seemed a bit thirsty. But of course, Starscream would be the one to get away.

Ever since ghost Starscream appeared, from what little I remembered from the cartoons, I was wondering if any Transformers were going to get possessed. Good thing they left that canister inside Eck's vehicle form. But it was a nice end cap from Ectotron to be the one to wrangle the last ghost. Peter always the businessman, lol.

And Ectotron departs to search space for Cybertronian ghosts. Not what I expected but certainly leaves the door open for a sequel mini-series down the line I suppose. All in all, like the 35th Anniversary issue, didn't turn out to be a world ending threat yet still entertaining down to the wire. After Crossing Over, it's kinda nice to have a string of threats of a smaller magnitude and scale. But who knows how long that will last. That's a wrap on 2019. Guess we'll have to wait and see until the next series is announced (or if Diamond spoils it in solicits).
This Post Contains Spoilers
Easter Eggs so far
*Cover A
**Thundercracker (F-15 Eagle form; Decepticon Seeker Commander) is right of Slimer.
**Grimlock (Tyrannosaurus Rex form; Autobot Dinobot) is right of Thundercracker.
**Rumble (robot form; Decepticon Mini -Cassette) is between Soundwave and Grimlock.
**Wheeljack (robot form; Autobot) is on the far right in front of Grimlock.
**Ravage (jaguar form; Decepticon Mini-Cassette) is in front of Wheeljack.
**Kickback (locust form; Decepticon Insecticon) is on the far right above Grimlock.
*Cover B
**The cover is a nod to the Times Square scene in the "Ghostbusters" song's music video.
**Several billboards reference:
***Statue of Liberty
***Stay Puft Marshmallows
***Manhattan Museum of Art
**Optimus Prime and Ectotron appear above the Ghostbusters.
*Cover RI
**Optimus Prime appears with the Ghostbusters.
*Page 1
**Continuing from last issue, Optimus Prime is in the Ecto-35 colors from the recent figure release and wields a Proton Axe, similar to the Energon Axe from the Transformers episode "More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2".
*Page 2
**Shockwave refers to the offer Optimus made at the end of last issue, extending from Starscream to help all four Decepticons restore their physical bodies.
*Page 3
**Megatron mentions Cybertron and alludes to its destruction at the hands of Gozer seen in Issue #1 and Issue #2.
**Peter screams "Dah!" like at the start of the first movie.
**"Millennia" is misspelled and there is an extraneous "a" before it in one of Shockwave's sentences in panel 5.
*Page 4
**Soundwave creates manifestations of three of his Mini-Cassettes, Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw. They were smaller Decepticons who transformed into analog audio cassettes stored in Soundwave's chest and were used to conduct special missions like espionage.
***Laserbeak had a cameo in Issue #1.
*Page 5
**Ray uses Proton Grenade on Ravage.
**Winston mentions the G.I. Joe cartoons and its use of lasers instead of bullets.
**Soundwave curses with "scrap." The curse dates back to the Beast Wars animated series in the 1999 episode "Proving Grounds" where Optimus Primal tells Black Arachnia and Silverbolt they look like scrap. By the Transformers Prime series in 2010, it was the primary curse word used.
*Page 6
**Peter mentions his favorite flavor is orange sherbet.
**Ectotron admits it is his first real fight.
*Page 7
**Starscream alludes to Kremzeek.
*Page 8
**Megatron's mace is a nod to the Energon mace he employs against Optimus in the Transformers episode "More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2".
**Optimus alludes to Cybertron.
*Page 9
**The split image of Megatron's internal gears is from Transformers: The Movie when he is converted into Galvatron by Unicron.
*Page 10
**In the Transformers franchise, ghost Starscream has possessed several Cybertronians over the decades.
*Page 11
**Egon mentions a theoretical autopsy on Ectotron. Incidentally, in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, realistic versions, it is revealed Egon used to be a coroner but now it's more of a hobby.
**Ray mentions the Statue of Liberty and the team animating it in Ghostbusters II.
*Page 12
**Megatron's "There is no trying" and Peter's quip is a nod to Yoda from Star Wars.
*Page 14
**Ectotron vomits Energon, the Transformers' energy source.
*Page 15
**Megatron's new form is visually based on the Megatron design from the Aligned continuity.
**Megatron alludes to the fact that Optimus is a Prime. In the franchise, that has meant various things such as the leader of the Autobots, the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, or the original thirteen Transformers.
**The throne is Galvatron's seen in the Transformers episode "Starscream's Ghost".
**Kneeling on the floor are Sunstreaker, Jazz, and Bumblebee.
*Page 17
**In panel 1, obscured by Peter's word balloon is ?
**Peter mentions the Containment Unit.
**Optimus gets a feeling of deja vu from Ray's declaration about freedom as it is from his own catchphrase.
**Optimus' "all be one again" is a nod to the rally call of the Autobots, "'Til all are one," interpreted as until all shed their affiliations or until all are one with the Allspark.
*Page 18
**Winston mentions Janine.
**Winston alludes to Ectotron bending a support beam in Issue #3 and blowing up the Ecto-Gyro in Issue #4.
**In panel 4, Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is on a tag on the wall right under Ectotron's leg.
**Peter is the inspiration for Ectotron's nametag.
*Page 19
**Ray is intrigued with the notion of ghosts in space, a nod to the Ghost Smashers script.
*Page 20
**Ectotron mentioned his ship back in Issue #2.
**Ectotron's ship is visually based on the Autobot Lifepod seen in the Transformers episode "Dark Awakening".
**In panel 4, the glimmer left by the ship is based on the glimmer at the start of the season 1 title sequence of Transformers (1984).
**The Decepticon symbol flashing in Starscream's eye is a nod to the symbols shining in the season 1 title sequence of Transformers (1984).

To Be Identified

1. Page 17: In panel 1, the object on the left obscured by the word balloon is ?
This Post Contains Spoilers
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By Ghostytheghost
So............ what’s this art gonna be used for?
https://twitter.com/tomwaltz/status/118 ... 88920320?s
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By mrmichaelt
My first crazy thought was are they finally adapting the movies into comics - a la a 4 issue adaptation of the 1st movie? Those are scenes from it plus some deleted and new ones (maybe like how they did the where Winston was story in the past 2017 annual).
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By robbritton
My gut reaction to those is adaptions of GB1, GB2 and GBTVG as refreshers in the run up to the 2020 release (only cos Mooglie is holding up one finger, implying there may be others).

I mean, that’d be amazing, obviously, but it’s kind of playing to the choir to some degree.

The draw would be deleted scenes, as mrmichaelt mentions...

Ooh I love a bit of baseless speculation!
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By mrmichaelt
Well, 99% percent baseless. Erik did mention before that adaptations for the 2 movies and game came up before.
https://twitter.com/erikburnham/status/ ... 8601405440
https://ghostbusters.fandom.com/wiki/Fi ... 202018.jpg

EDIT: Yeah, Erik squashed that theory on Ghostheads United with a "not exactly" - so perhaps an resolved case from that point in time or a solved case that turned out to be something bigger...
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By mrmichaelt
Erik Burnham will be doing an interview on Sunday at 9 pm EST on What We Do in the Firehouse. Call in with a question at (515) 605-9774.
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/whatwedoi ... 0LS5vU0SJE
-07:07-07:26: The only idea that was really shot down by Sony/Ghost Corps was around the time of the 2016 movie. At the time, an idea that was pitched was also going to be in the movie so it was shot down. It wound up not being in the movie's final cut
-07:35-07:52: The Louvre was initially going to also be bleeding blood but right before the printing deadline, there was a mass shooting in France. Sony/Ghost Corps asked for the blood to be removed
-1:08:00-1:08:-7: A sequel to Transformers/Ghostbusters has been talked about. The teaser line at the end of Issue #5 is in part meant to try and nudge Hasbro to agree to a sequel.

EDIT: Got around to figuring out an easter egg from TF/GB #3. Those 2 women who tagged Optimus with graffiti? Gender-flipped versions of Furg and one of the members of his Dancitron Gang in the episode "Auto-Bop"
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By *NormalGamer*
September sales are in and TF/GB #4 did 10,231 units in sales down from #3 which did 10, 545.
https://www.comichron.com/monthlycomics ... 19-09.html
Not bad. Another small dip, but looks like the Transformers name is keeping it strong with the GB's.
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By mrmichaelt
Kind of has "primer" for the uninitiated going to see a certain film in 2020 written all over it, doesn't it?
It does. Though I'm thinking this latest image might tipped it off. In the middle is "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" - a real book that's a collection of short stories. Perhaps this mini-series is similar and that's why Dan slipped it in there. Like each issue is a one-shot and gives each GB a focus and maybe it's set at different points, i.e. during GB1 or GB2. This week, January solicits do come out so if it starts that month, we'll know more soon and/or a press release article should be coming soon as well.
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