Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By robbritton
It's funny, and maybe it's because I'm English, but I always visualised the phrase "fashionable dance club" as some kind of society posh dance hall thing, for debutantes and such. It's so obvious now that it was DJ speak for a nightclub that I feel quite silly!

Ah well, it's all worth it for such a good time issue. I like how Venkman is much closer to his GB1 persona than we've seen him since - evasive, uncooperative and with a permanent roving eye. Speaks to Erik's strengths that the IDW Venkman I'm used to is much more post GB2 in his relationships with others. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Following the dance club revelation, I don't trust myself at all!
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