Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
By zeta otaku
Title basically speaks for itself. What's your favorite bust or case in the IDW comics?

For me, it's the manitou in Schenectady. Everything just felt tense and seeing Venkman exorcise himself using psychology (and calling a soul eating demon an addict was fantastic) really show cased that Peter DID know what he was doing even though he comes off as an ass half the time... most of the time.
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By mrmichaelt
That's a tough one. The Hungry Manitou was definitely my favorite as well for awhile for the same reasons. The Phantom Truck Driver is another because Peter inadvertently stops him with Slime Tether.

But my all time favorite right now is the Rodefhiri battle because it was Winston. He overcame his fear, something the other 3 didn't, shot the bogeyman's head off, and they had to trap with with four units. That visual of them firing on him, draining children, and the traps on New Year's Eve was spectacular in my book.
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By JayTigran
The Manitou, while very early on, is still one of my favorites. The team worked together so well, Peter excorsizing himself was amazing, and the backgrounds and background characters were just awesome :D
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By Tommi
Great thread!
I loved Ellen Gold from waaaaay back at the beginning of the series, just throwing baby ghosts everywhere and screaming "NAUGHTY!" haha, was nice to see her again during the Mass Hysteria containment breach too, she's awesome!
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By Peter Venkman Jr.
Defiantly The Phantom Truck Driver in "Who Killed Laura Parr" since it is not often we see any of the Ghostbusters work alone to catch a ghost. Loved the artwork and it was great seeing both the Slime Tether and Super Slammer Trap from the 2009 video game again.

Also I enjoyed the bust that Peter and Winston took RGB Ray and RGB Egon on in Ghostbusters Get Real #2 at the zoo. The Hungry Manitou is another favorite since Peter had to use his brains for a change instead of the Ghostbusters technology to free himself. Finally the Sinterniklaas story from the Haunted Holidays arc is another favorite of mine, I even re-read it at Christmas 2014 because I enjoyed the artwork and it was a blast seeing Melanie Ortiz(a favorite character of mine) working with Peter and Egon.
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