Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By Egonzo
I have been working on this project for years now and it has taken shape with help from more people than I can thank. It is nearing completion (at least as I can get it). I have been tracking down and digitizing the old GB Marvel UK run of The Real Ghostbusters. It ran from 1988 to 1992 and the originals are all but disintegrating now and it isn't looking like they will get the reprint treatment that IDW gave to the original NOW series (and the Marvel UK Transformers). It would be more than a shame if these were to disappear completely, so here is a stable link to a dropbox where you can get 1-185 (missing 163 and 179 which I will have sometime in November) and the final 193. If you happen to have them and want to add them to the cause and the set just let me know. Otherwise enjoy this trip down memory lane! These are scanned at a high dpi and average around 50mb a copy and are in .cbr format.

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By Kid Chameleon
Thanks for sharing. I remember the Marvel comics from when I was a kid and it's good to know they haven't been forgotten.
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By Svee
Thanks for these. I've still got all mine safe in a box but its getting to the point i'm scared to get them out for fear of them falling apart lol. Think I've got all of them bar the odd one or two so if you get stuck for any issues give me a yell
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By Egonzo
I'm having a hard time finding anything out about this issue. The No.4 from this date doesn't match what I have been able to find. Do you have any idea about this one?

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wh0mJ ... b2hyvUqUBQ
The "monthly" is different from the regular run, it is like a greatest hits/compilation album. I don't have any of those. They also did holiday specials too, some shared the covers of the 1-193 run, and were more themed to whatever holiday they were. The last dozen of so of the Marvel UK run was complete reprints of the US NOW run, only shorter installments sometimes paired with earlier UK stories, some were even repeat covers. The neat thing about this is they didn't change the format to match the A4 UK size, so the margins are huge and the page number bubble is there but empty. I don't know if this actually helps, but I haven't moved on to the Monthlies yet.
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By Hasford1978
I'm in the UK and I adore the Marvel RGB comics, I started collecting these again in 2016 and since then I've done very well in collecting most of the issues, it's the later issues I've stalled on getting, probably from number 160 onwards but I think I have the final numbered 193 but I'm missing several more
By Realme
I am in Ireland have collected all The Real Ghostbusters Marvel UK comics,i collect for my son,he is looking for the collected comics now,has to be UK comics only.hope it is ok to post this.

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