Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
Just as a fun exercise, I looked for similarities and differences between RGB and 20/20. Spot anything else?

Statue of Liberty
*RGB: Start of episode
*20/20: End of story

*RGB: Southern, Long Island
*20/20: Northern, Bayside

Mrs. Roger's House
*RGB: Appears overnight
*20/20: Appears in broad daylight

The call
*RGB: Guys are desperate for a call after a week of no cases
*20/20: Jr. team wants a day off after helping recapture ghosts and stopping Tiamat

Who takes readings at front door
*RGB: Egon
*20/20: Gabriel

Front door
*RGB: W-a-t answers door
*20/20: Alan barges in

*RGB: Was a ghost
*20/20: Just a bird

Ghosts ambush them in house
*RGB: Yes
*20/20: No

Containment Unit
*RGB: Secured
*20/20: Secured

Who researches W-a-t
*RGB: Egon
*20/20: Alan

Who kicks in door
*RGB: Ray tries but misses
*20/20: Alan

What W-a-t wants
*RGB: Create an army out of ghosts in ECU and conquer the world
*20/20: Create an army out of ghosts in ECU and conquer the world

Explosion in house
*RGB: They blow up furnace monster
*20/20: They blow up W-a-t

W-a-t hides
*RGB: on 3rd floor and nabs Peter
*20/20: on a flightsuit and nabs Egon

W-a-t's targets
*RGB: directly possesses Peter
*20/20: remotely immobilizes Egon

*RGB: Basement
*20/20: First Floor then outside

*RGB: Separated from Peter then trapped.
*20/20: Lured and captured with a powered up trap.

Who traps W-a-t
*RGB: Ray
*20/20: Gabriel

The end of Mrs. Roger's House
*RGB: Gets violently sucked into a chest, inverts, and explodes at the end.
*20/20: Just disappears midway.

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