Discuss the content of pages on the site, as well as figure out how to properly format pages you are editing.
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By lannyjack
I am mainly combing through the pages when I have free time to fix grammar and spelling errors. Eventually, I would like to add some content.

When you edit a page, sometimes it shows a ton of images that aren't displayed on the page. Are these pending approval?
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By jackdoud
Some have been removed from the page code for various reasons, some were uploaded in error. If you think they should be active feel free to add them but I'd double check anything to make sure there's not a reason it's been removed.
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By lannyjack
Here's an example: if you edit the Ghostbusters plot:



There are 14 pictures of Dana as Zuul that don't show up on the page. Are they used somewhere else?

Its the same thing here:

http://www.gbfans.com/ghostbusters-2/ch ... an/revise/

Is it showing a history of the images previously used? Or is it supposed to show a random picture each time you click on the page?
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By jackdoud
They're just a bunch of pictures someone uploaded. Some may have been used in the past and some may have been uploaded incorrectly. Since there's no way to delete them unless AJ goes into the site coding they sit there not really doing anything.
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By AJ Quick
Images are retained in case they were used in a previous version of the page.

Some images get deleted from the main body of the text, but need to be hosted for legacy sake.

The Ghostbusters page example you are showing is actually a (somewhat) funny example. Turns out this guy was completely and utterly obsessed with Dana Barret would just upload picture after picture of Dana on to that page and others. He was banned, and even though the pictures were never used on the page they persist.

Perhaps I will write a script that weeds out unused images.

Basically. Don't worry about them.
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By lannyjack
I thought maybe the Dana pictures were being upgraded as better versions came out. For example, the GB Blu-ray.

The actual reason is way better haha.

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