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By AJ Quick
This is the standardized template that should be used for Episode Pages for the Real Ghostbusters.

Please Note the order that these come in.

Infobox (Episode Information)

Entitled "Epsiode Information" should have theTitle Graphic from the Episode, followed by a horizontal divider and the following information: Writers, Season (ABC or Syndicated), Productions Number, Episode and Air Date. The following template can be used on pages that do not already have the infobox or this information:
Code: Select all[infobox=Episode Information] [center] *Title Screen Graphic* [/center] [hr] [b]Written By:[/b] [[Writer Name]] [b]Production Code:[/b] ##### [b]Air Date:[/b] Month Day, Year [b]Season: ##[/b] (ABC or Syndicated) [b]Episode:[/b] ## [/infobox]
The Season part should link back to the appropriate pages for each Season: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, & Season 6. Note: All of these pages need work. The Season 1 page is almost done, but the rest have not been started!


The Synopsis of each episodes needs to be alteast 2 paragraphs (3 paragraphs maximum) long to avoid whitespace. They should be written well, using correct grammar and spelling. The more explaination about what is happening in a particular episode the better... it is not improtant to give away the ending or not... as long as it is a good and well written synopsis.

This will go in the main text box, after the infobox.


This section should breifly list all regular characters in the episode (the Ghostbusters, Janine, Louis, and Slimer), with links back to their Real Ghostbusters profiles. The main goal of this is to look at the minor characters that perhaps only appear in that particular episode (or are making an appearance).

The character name should be bolded and a paragraph should be written about them, along with what they do in that episode. An example would be the main ghost that they are fighting in that episode followed by any supporting characters like ex. "Cynthia Crawford" from the episode Citizen Ghost.

There is not yet a standardized way of doing this (unlike for Extreme Ghostbusters Episodes). Once there is, this page will be updated and all pages will need to be updated in response. If you have an idea of what type of format the characters section should be.. please feel free to discuss it here.


These should be little tidbits of information that doesn't easily come across in the episodes. Each one should be on its own line with a dash preceding it. Here is an example from the Citizen Ghost page:
- This episode is a history of the Ghostbusters and what happened after the events of fighting Gozer. The guys are seen in their movie color suits.

- Cynthia Crawford, the reporter from UBN news who interviews Peter, she reappears at least one other time in the series. Her name is almost certainly a parody of Cindy Crawford

- In third grade, Peter got in a fight with a guy named Rick. Big guy, big muscles...brains of a trout.

- Ray was born in the Bronx.

- The song used in this episode is Charge You Up by Tahiti.
Other examples could include information about the script, dates it was recorded.. or info about a particular voice over cameo.


The quotes should be memorable lines from the episode. Try to pick out only the best lines to use!

Each quote should be spaced from the others by atleast two line breaks and ther can be side notes and actions in parenthesis. The characters name should be linked back to their character pages via the [[ and ]] brackets. Here is an example from the Citizen Ghost page (again).
Egon Spengler: Transtator?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Field Generator?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Ionization Decaymeter?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Plasmatic Refractor? Anti Ecto Plasm Destruct Mechanism? Bypolar Adjuster?
Peter Venkman: Check, check and (yawns) check.
Egon Spengler: Transwarp Drive?
Peter Venkman: Check.
Egon Spengler: Ah-ha! Caught you. We don't have a Transwarp Drive.
Peter Venkman: (scoff) If we don't have one, then it can't malfunction. If it's not malfunctioning, then nothing's wrong. And if nothing's wrong, then it checks, right?
Egon Spengler: I'm not going to talk to you again for at least a week. It's not good for me.
Peter Venkman: Hey, don't make fun. This is how I got through college.

Winston Zeddemore: Man, this job was a lot easier when these things didn't shoot back!
Place each quote into
Code: Select all[quote] blocks [/quote]
Screenshots (use this spelling.. vs. Screen Grabs)

I will be handeling these.

I am aiming to have about 20 screenshots from each episode listed in a table. There will be no need to mess with this particular section. Unless.. you see a place for improvement. Perhaps I missed formatting a table cell properly, or something isn't aligned correctly.

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