Discuss the content of pages on the site, as well as figure out how to properly format pages you are editing.
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By AJ Quick
As was brought up in another thread on the site. The pages that are editable on GBFans must follow these guidelines in order to have some consistency and professionalism.
  • Contain Accurate and Relavent Information.

    Obviously the most important part of the Wiki pages on GBFans is to be able to get accurate and relavent information on the page that a visitor is viewing. For example... the "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" page would not have information about the 1980's versions of the game. It might bring up a reference to a different page, and a mention of how they are related... but a link would be given if a visitor wanted to view more information.
  • Be easy to navagate and look good.

    This is a big deal for the site. It will take time for all the pages to follow a standardized template. But as you are editing the pages, you need to make sure that all the elements of the page are lined up in a way that is consistent and looks good. This may require using the Codes that are provided, but if further help is needed.. feel free to post here for help.
  • Be organized well.

    Everything should be organized in a way that is logical. You shouldn't jump back and forth between different topics, and everything should flow well. The most important information should be given first, and that way the rest of the article can refer back to that information.
  • Remain unbiased.

    Obviously the pages should not come across as having any biased. For example, on one of the Real Ghostbusters episodes.. it would be wrong to have it say "One of my favorite episodes" or "One of the best episodes". It would be different if it were voted the best... So you could say: "Voted the best episode in the 2008 Real Ghostbusters contest here."
  • Be written professionally, using a third person formal writing style

    Which brings us to the style of writing required on the page. You should never write in the first person style of writing. Never use the words "I" or "me"... unless they are quotes. The author of the page is to remain ambiguous! (Often times I get contacted by people who are upset / confused as to something I wrote on the page, when infact it was someone else.)

    Finally.. Write formally. Use proper grammar and spelling. The site should be more like a College Term paper and less like a conversation.
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By cowbybill
Hi Guys, I wanted to help the Ghostbusters RPG page with scans of the supplemental sections cards etc.. but I am unsure how to correctly upload to that area here is the first scan from the Reference files it's reference file C:
Any help would be appreciated, or would it be easier to E-mail these to the appropriate moderator?
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