By Dan AKA
Guidelines for Ghostbusters International Franchises (Reality)

1. All Franchises should have at least two members to qualify.
- To qualify as a member for any franchise you must own a full uniform.
- A uniform consists of a Jumpsuit in any color, with a No-Ghost arm badge (custom logos acceptable) on the right shoulder or breast, boots, utility belt (military or otherwise) with at least one accessory (key fobs, circuit pouch, lifeguard) and at least one piece of equipment.
- Equipment can be anything from as large as a Slime Blower or Proton Pack to a Sniffer 300 or PKE Meter. Custom gear is also acceptable!
- Members must have a picture of themselves in gear!
- An account in the online Ghostbusters community.

2. To qualify as a franchise you should attend at least two Busts (events) a year with at least one other member of your franchise.
- Busts include but are not limited to party outings in gear, conventions, charity events, birthday parties, media releases.
- Photographic documentation of your team at the Bust, have fun with it! Photoshop it, post it on the board for everyone to see.

3. All franchises should have an active website for their franchise.
- A website can include My Space, Face book or other host that makes your franchise accessible to the public.

4. Have fun! Seriously, these are just guidelines to create an almost uniform appearance for members. In the end it’s all for fun, and you should make sure so. Go above and beyond these guidelines, have team meetings, create business cards; anything you feel will make your personal franchise more enjoyable by your members.
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By Dan AKA
We wait good sir. AJ is steadily working on the new franchise section, and it looks good and will only get better. Some more code needs to be added, but I have seen it and assure you it is a very cool addition.
By Gbass242
The Houston Area Ghostbusters are up and running! We just had our first gathering at Con-Jour at the University of Houston Clear Lake. We had a total of 4 there, and pictures were taken.

There is another con in Houston in the next few months which will put us at the qualifying mark. I'll keep y'all updated.

FB page: ... 503&ref=nf
By Socko525
I have a question, I see the rules regarding what qualifies someone to be a member, but I was wondering if the rules could be bent in one instance. Myself and a few others on here are trying to establish a NY ghostbusters of some kind. Now its still in the early stages of planning, but my sister has expressed interest in joining, and has volunteered herself to be our secretary (organize events, manage website, etc) once we get things going, so would that qualify her as an official franchise member according to theses rules? Just wanted to check everyone's opinion,
By Krenzy
Well, we've been around for a couple years (I'm the new guy), but we've never been officially announced as a franchise; so I'd like to proudly announce:

The Ghostbusters of Minnesota

Pictures and video can be found on our website, but if requested to, I will glady post pictures here.
By Spectre
Dan AKA wrote: - Equipment can be anything from as large as a Slime Blower or Proton Pack to a Sniffer 300 or PKE Meter. Custom gear is also acceptable!
Does this include goggles????
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By cowbybill
I'm working on a Bay Area Franchise- as it stands I'm the only one right now. Uniform, Pack, Trap..soon PKE meter. Any exisiting franchises that have any tips on how to get members please drop me a line. I do have an event lined up in October and I'm looking for more events to attend.
Hopefully soon there will be enough of us to get a franchise going. :eyeroll::walterpeck:
By corwin1720
Hey guys! From Michigan here we call our selfs

Michigan Ghostbusters or GBMI

and our own web series
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By pyhasanon
Want to officially register your Franchise? This was just posted on the official Ghost Corps Facebook page...
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By deadderek
hawkbatsquadron wrote: December 16th, 2021, 11:24 am Send them (Ghost Corps) a message, you may be surprised at their response.
Have fun doing what you like, no one can take that from you.
Last I heard they turned off messaging on their profile.
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By deadderek
hawkbatsquadron wrote: December 16th, 2021, 1:03 pm Ghost Corps
10202 W Washington Blvd
Building 100
Culver City, CA 90232
United States

They don't do certificates these days, curious as to what they would say to someone trying to contact them.
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By aay3785
I'm the Founder of The "Three Rivers Ghostbusters". We are based in Pittsburgh, and we are a new, up and coming franchise.

We have Embroidered Patches available, and periodically will recirculate them along with variants.

If you'd like to follow us, We are active on Facebook.
We're also creating a presence on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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