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By GBMax Massimo

Ghostbusters Italia franchise


It is with great pleasure that Piero1985 and GBMax present the Ghostbusters Italia Franchise.

Ghostbusters Italia was founded in 2006 by Piero1985, the acting president since 2006. It is the only Itaian franchise in existence for fans of Ghostbusters.


Ghostbusters Italia Franchise is a Non-profit group. Our mission is to spread love for Ghostbusters and across Italy. To have fun and create friendships with other fans through meets and other events.

Our Equipment:

· Complete Flight Suits w/ accessories including "Belt Gizmo" and "Leg Hose"
· Proton Packs
· Traps
· PKE Meter
· Ectogoogles (Paragoggles)
· Ghost Sniffer
· Ecto-containment unit

Our Costumes & Characters

· Janine (GB2)
· Slimer
· Louis Tully
· Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

Franchise Materials available to members (non-profit items)

· Certificate of Membership to GBItalia
· GBItalia initiatives
· Business Card
· Brochures
· Badge w/ lanyard
· Stickers
. Banners
· T-Shirts
· Mouse pads
· GBitalia franchise patches

Main activities and awards:

· October 31, 2008 - Lucca Comics and Games '08 "over 540 competitors - Winners - "Best Accessory"

· February 2009 - Mantova Comics & Games - Winners - "Best Group"

· April 2009 - "Cartooncomics in Milan” - Winners - First Prize for "Best Accessory"

· April 17-19 2009 Cosplay contest event "TorinoComics" - Winners - "First Prize for Best Couple" Guusc and Kory

· October 24, 2009 Performance by members of the 3rd Ghostbusters Italia Edition at Fantaylandia

· February 27, 2010 Exhibition of GBItalia at Mantova Comics and Games 2010

· Various articles on

Upcoming events:

First Italian online gathering of "Ghostbusters-The Videogame." April 30, 2010 from 04.00 pm to 00.00pm for 8 hours of fun.

Main achievements video:

· Ghostbusters Italia
· Ghostbusters Italia at Movieland
· Ghostbusters Italia on the border of the paranormal

Key members:

· Piero1985 (GBFans Join date: December 15th, 2005)
· GBMax (aka gbprotonpack) (GBFans Join date: November 16th, 2008 Supporting Membership - Gold)
· Dr. Ray Stantz
· Fartada
· Franzo
· Grandra
· Guusc the props master
. Kory
· Molo Daxx
· Rip
· Rukawa
· Surio
· Traianos
· Wolsh

The stunning GB Girls

· Abby
· Leela
· Slimerina
· Trappolina

Networking (access to the site and the forum)
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By GBMax Massimo
Ghostbusters Day: On October 9, 2010 in Rome come enjoy this amazing event where the Italian fans of Ghostbusters meet the voices of many Italian films including Ghostbusters. This non-profit event is sponsored by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Italy.

Followed by the premier screening of the non-profit fan film "Ghostbusters franchises Italy" made by Guusc and director Federico Anzini, featuring members of Ghostbusters Italia and with special guest Vincenzo330 of The Southern California Ghostbusters.
The staff and organizers of GBDay 2010: From, Dr. Ray Stantz, GBMax, Grandra, Leela T. MarcoLowhand, RIP, Surio and Piero1985 (founder and director of greetings to all fans in GBFans, GhostbustersNews.

Ghostbusters Day 2010:
Fan film no-profit "Ghostbusters franchises Italy":

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