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This year at PKE Surge 2009 (Dragon Con) we will be awarding the Crunch awards to Ghostheads attending the convention. Winners will recieve a CRUNCH bar trophy expressing thanks to his or hers contributions to the community. These awards will range from the uber silly to the thoughtfully usefull recognition from the community at large.

The only way to get one? Come to PKE Surge 2009 at Dragon Con this year in Atlanta, Georgia!

Golden CRUNCH Catagories:

Best Representation of a Ghostbuster
Best Custom Ghostbusters Costume or Prop
Moderator of the Year
Most Innovative Contribution to the Community

Silver CRUNCH Catagories:

Best weathering on a prop
Best "Newbie" of the Year
Most likely to ask for an award award
Best Ghostbusters Fan Art
Best Ghostbusters Tattoo

We need more ideas! Send us yours or post them in this thread!
By Gareee
Best pack made using electrical boxes for halloween 2008? ;)
By gbmatt
Dan AKA wrote: Most likely to ask for an award award


Some ideas though since you said silly:

Biggest Smartass of gbfans.

and ill think of some more later
Ironman award for heaviest pack.

Or lightest.

I saw we do a fireman-type race for suiting up, person that can get into their suit, boots, belt, and pack the fastest.

Also, categories for Ecto-excellence.

Also, in reference to old Huey pilot vets and the chrome jesus nut, there should be an award for the person to travel furthest to reach the con.
By Borzou
I think the iron man challenge should be maximum pullups, pushups, and squats one can do with a proton pack on. :cool:
By hooker
bradboss12 wrote:Sounds like you guys will have fun! What does the award look like?? I can't go--no dough. : (
There will be two types of awards given. Gold and silver classes for specific award types. We will post pictures in the near future once they have been completed. Start saving some money...this is not a year you want to miss!
By Gareee
Just think how bad it would smell after being on display at home for a few years!

You'd have to eat it, and restuff it with a piece of foam.

(And leftover pack foam would be appropriate!)
By Gareee
What is this "saving money" you speak of?

I'd love to go, but when I looked at the admissions price, I ran away screaming.
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By AJ Quick
Gareee wrote:What is this "saving money" you speak of?

I'd love to go, but when I looked at the admissions price, I ran away screaming.
$20 / per day is pretty good.

This is a big convention.. I think they charge more for my local convention and I don't think anyone goes to it.
By Gareee
Can you buy just one day? If so, we could just day trip it down n back (just a hair over 2 hours drive). Qe could get the tickets, do the parade, do a bit of the con, and then head back home, or hang out with the gb guys for dinner ofr something.

Is anything special needed for entering a car in the parade, since I can cobble something together for our tiburon in a few days?

(Think a white tiburon, with a roof rack, maybe some lighting of some kind, and gb logos on the side.)

Not much, but better rhen nothing.
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By XxEctOxX
is there gonna be an award for cartoon props? ... i would feel out of place :(
By Gareee
Is there a category for best award? Because these are just amazing!
By gbmatt
loly2kn2 wrote:
Dan AKA wrote: Most likely to ask for an award award
Can I have this one?

I've asked for one from the very start :lol:
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By kind2311
Hook, you never cease to amaze me.

To all those who are asking, these shall be EARNED and not given away lightly.

with the exception of "most likely to ask for an award" award
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