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Ghostbusters Fans will have a fan table located at the Sheraton (apparently close to the Registration tables).

This table will be the meeting point and central location for all Ghostheads. It will be the basis point of PKE SURGE 2009. Hopefully we will have room for some props to be on display and we will hopefully have some GBFans type Dragon Con Memorability for sale. (T-Shirts, Laynards, Wristbands.. etc).

In order to make this happen the table needs to be staffed from 10AM to 8PM Friday - Sunday, and from 10AM to 2PM on Monday. We need volunteers who will be able to help out in atleast a minimum of 2 Hour slots each day... while I will be there most of the time.. You guys will also need to volunteer and help out!

Please post here if you can help out, and also please help come up with ideas for things to happen at the Table. We should have some really cool stuff lined up!
AJ Quick wrote: Do you have an Ecto?
I have an Ecto now, yes. I will have another Ecto at the time of Dragoncon, yes. Will I bring mine to Dragoncon, it's possible.

I was speaking more on behalf of the table.
I'm pretty sure they won't store a vehicle inside the building there. I've been to every DC since 1998 and I've yet to see a car indoors there.

But you could always ask, the worst they can say is no.
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