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By TK5759
darthsmozers wrote:Well, we met him! We got to the con before it opened - it was a rainy morning so most of the crowd showed up an hour or so later. When the doors opened, we went right to his table. He had not arrived yet, so I spent a moment looking at the 8x10's to choose from. I chatted with his son Ernie Jr. for a few mins. He then showed up. I stood back to allow them all time to get set up, but they encouraged me to approach him. I felt like he was inadvertently rushed/not ready yet, but he was gracious in his conversation, even if a little distracted. He autographed the 8x10 ($40) and took a photo with my family and I ($10 add on price). He was then distracted by someone at the table asking him some logistical questions. I waited a moment then offered a handshake and a thank you for his time. He thanked us, said "beautiful family", and that was that. Happy to have met him, glad my kids will grow up having his autograph and our photo, a little disappointed that I was first in line and thus the meeting felt a bit distracted, but overall worth the trip.

(I don't know how to attach an image - if I can figure it out I'll post pics)
Upload your pics to a site like Photobucket or another file sharing site and paste the link into your message. Pretty simple. :cool:
I don't want to say "I told you so" but I told you so. ;) Ernie's an awesome guy and I'm glad you were able to experience meeting him. Your family will remember this for a long time. Kinda makes the cost seem like nothing, doesn't it?
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By pyhasanon
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