For upcoming Ghostbusters events at conventions, theaters and more.
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By Ecto79
Hello fellow Ghostheads. I'm a member of the Buffalo NY Ghostbusters. We are a relatively newer group but we have gone to comic con before and attended the 30th anniversary screening too. But we did our first actual event yesterday and absolutely loved it! So my question is: What are good events to participate in, to get our feet wet as a franchise. And what are some good pointers to get your name out there? We do have a FB page so that's a start. Any advice is welcome and is appreciated. Thanks again! :grin:
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By Noghost5
As a former WNYer, i'm glad to see an organization setup in that neck of the woods.

As for events go, my group here (Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters) usually participate in a multitude of events. We attend comic-cons of course but also open up ourselves to walking in holiday parades, making an appearance at kids birthday parties, we act as the MC for a school dance at a school for the mentally disabled - really anything where a ghostbuster showing up would be a positive thing.

Hope that helps!
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By pyhasanon
Charities and Benefit Walks... We did a 3-mile Walk to Defeat ALS (before the whole Ice Bucket thing took off) in full gear once, and that was a huge hit...
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By LandoSystem
I suggest getting to know your local costuming groups. People like the 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs and other misc. groups that do events.

From them you can learn where you're welcome and where you're not, who to deal with and who to avoid, etc.

I know the 501st doesn't like piggy backers so I wouldn't crash their events, but I would mine them for contacts and ideas.

In my area we have 2 groups of cosplayers who do random characters. They're very active and I made friends with the leadership so I have an open invitation for any event they do. They basically do all the work for me.

For any event you do on your own, I strongly suggest you find out who is in charge and get approval first. I attended a 5k cancer run as a Mandalorian and was absolutely not welcome. And I attended a trick or treat event at a school (I was representing my employer, not just a weirdo at a random school) and caused a minor panic because I was wearing a "gun" on my back.
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By pyhasanon
Oh, yes, definitely, always give organizers a heads-up!
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By Chace

I know the 501st doesn't like piggy backers so I wouldn't crash their events
This depends completely on the group...for example the majority of the Georgia Ghostbusters (including myself) are also in the 501st and we've done joint operations pretty often.
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By LandoSystem
Absolutely right.

I still believe it's best to build a relationship with other groups and make sure it's ok to attend their event before you show up.

I was an officer in the Mandalorian Mercs and we were often accused of piggy backing or crashing events without permission from other clubs.

There are egos involved with this stuff and it's easy to step on toes or cause offense over nothing.
If you want to make and keep good relationships in the community, unless you're contacted by an event organizer or it's an event you set up, it's best not to steal someones thunder unless you know it's alright beforehand. Just think of it as a professional courtesy.
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By Ecto79
Thanks everyone for your advice and input. It was very helpful all around. We already have a few more events going on, which we are excited about.

We will be helping promote a brand new comic shop opening up around town. Which we will be doing with a Star wars fan club called North Ridge, that is based in Buffalo too. Then an Ecto replica from Ohio is coming to the Buffalo Motorama in March, which we are attending. Also the GBRNY and USNYGB may be joining us as well. Who knows what else lol but for us being a newer group, we sure are excited!
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