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By Extremer2099
Hi GB Fans Store Admins!

Could you provide an update for the last item remaining on this order 37735 ? Original eta for shipping the light hats was around September 21st but keeps getting bumped out.

I have been holding out doing repairs on my pack until this item shipped out and wanted to know if there was any issues with this arriving before Halloween.

Can you please advise?
Thank you!
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By Kingpin
Some items in the store feature rolling estimates because they're supplied by outside contractors, and as such are subject to delays beyond AJ's control.

I'd suggest if there are any repairs you can peform that don't require the hat lights, it'd be worth getting them under way.
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By AndFisher
I'm in this boat regarding a hat light order too. Is there an expected date for the restock? Even an ETA further out is more usful than having an unrealistic estimated ship date that has to be extended several times. Cheers
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By AJ Quick
At this time, the manufacturer of the Hat Lights has not responded to any emails I have sent. They are a multinational (big) corporation, so I doubt they have gone out of business. I've basically been trying to order them since June... but nothing.
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By AndFisher
Another delay? I think mass mailing them is a guaranteed way to get gbfans added to their block list!

But AJ, what's the plan if they never get back to you? Do you have a good relationship with them? Could they just have stopped making them, or is there more to it?
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By deadderek
Hopefully this gets sorted out, really looking forward to them being back in stock.
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By CPU64
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If anyone is in a pinch for the hatlights, I am still able to make replicas, using same brand caps just remolded to the proper shape. Not many available though. The threaded piece isn't the same since the thrower caps have a specific thread for the socket. But if the socket isn't used, they're a nice replacement.

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