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By kind2311
The chat doesn't always load for me. I use Chrome, and often times the window comes up but no text or fields will load. I believe is may be happening to other users as well, as 9 times out of 10, when someone logs in, they just timeout 3 minutes later.

The chat will also regularly kick me right in the middle of being active.
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By Kingpin
I'll pass this message on to AJ. I'm not sure how old the software is, or when it was last given a going-over.
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By AJ Quick
The chat really wasn't meant to be active anymore.

It was brought back for a temporary nostalgia a year or two back and never really deactivated.

Most times the user that is "online" hasn't actually been in the chat for a long time and that's why they log out as soon as you log in. The chat isn't updated until you log in.
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By kind2311
What I mean is users will log in while I am in there, and time out shortly after indicating that they just closed out of the chat as soon as they logged in. I believe this may sometimes be due to the chat not loading for them, though most times I'm sure it's because they see no one is in there. The other day I was able to get two people in there and have a chat, and they both said that they opened the chat because they saw there was more than one person in there. If we could get and keep users in there, it would become popular again.

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