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By Peter Phelan
Greetings my fellow spirit warriors! I've been trying to contact someone about a recent order and I haven't received any responses all week. Part of my order has been paid for and will hopefully ship tomorrow, but half of it won't arrive until after Xmas and I've been trying to cancel those items (I found alternatives for gifts). Is this simply a matter of the chaos this time of year and the responsible parties (AJ, etc.) are overworked or on vacation? Thanks for the insight and keep up the spiritual shields!
By Peter Phelan
Is there something going on with the shop? I have been trying to cancel an order for 2 weeks (tried to cancel it immediately after placing due to shipping time) and I haven’t gotten any response from AJ or whomever is running the shop now. I’ve sent several emails over the past 2 weeks without any responses. I’m now looking at a credit card charge I’ll need to dispute, which is leaving a very sour taste. I’m trying to stay calm in this situation and giving the benefit of the doubt. Can I please get a PM or a response to this post so I can confirm it has been seen by AJ or someone else with authority? -thank you
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By AJ Quick

When you place an order on you are provided with an estimated ship date. This ship date informs you when your order is expected to ship with the current level of outstanding orders and/or out of stock / special order item statuses. I am seeing here that you were provided with an estimated ship date of Dec 28, 2020 before you checked out. This was for a special order (out of stock) item.

We do not cancel special order items under the circumstance that they are items that we are needing to purchase from someone else to facilitate your order. If we order and / or create an item for you, you are expected to purchase it. That is the agreement you agree to when you place your order.

You indicated that you wanted the item for Christmas, but you were provided at the time of ordering a ship date that was several days after Christmas. We made no guarantee that the delivery would be in time for Christmas, in fact we explicitly provided a ship date after Christmas. You stated after Christmas that you wanted the other items to ship, despite having already shipped, so we're not sure that your Christmas deadline was firm in the first place.

I see here that you order was fulfilled and shipped on the provided estimated ship date of Dec 28. That completes the order.
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By Peter Phelan
The estimated ship date I received during checkout was December 21, 2020 for the entire order. It wasn't until I received the order confirmation in my email that separate shipping dates were reported, with the jump suits estimated shipping date being changed to December 28. I immediately tried to cancel the order (40 minutes later) by responding to the order confirmation email. As noted, these items were for Xmas gifts and I never would have completed the full order checkout with a December 28 estimated shipping date.
By Peter Phelan
I also will say that I never received any responses from my emails placed on 12/14/2020, 12/15/2020, and 12/28/2020 addressing this issue. I sent 2 emails immediately following the order placement on 12/14/2020 trying to head-off this special order solely because of the change in estimated shipping date I received in my email confirmation. I get that things are busy and I would have been fine taking the chance on the original estimated shipping date of December 21, 2020, but to say this was the estimated date I was provided during checkout is inaccurate.

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