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By Spectregater
Just wondering if it is possible to cancel only a few items from an order. Reason I am unsure is because some of the items have shipped already, and the ones I want to cancel are lead time items that I am not confident will ship before I need them at the end of the month. The order number is 36222 and the items I would like to cancel are the front knob and side knob. My other worry is I still want the caplites, but I doubt shipping them, when they become available, by themselves would be very cost effective.
By Spectregater
I found a seller, Freeky Geeky, that can get them out to me by Thursday. Plus they offer the small knob that goes above the side knob that I need as well. I am still building my pack, cutting it close, so the sooner I can get them the better.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am just trying to give myself as much extra time as I can to get my build done.

Not sure which is easier for you and more shipping cost effective for me to just go ahead and cancel the caplites as well. Or maybe the caplites can be held back and then shipped with the hat lights I also have on order.

Lastly any idea if the hat lights estimated for shipping on the 22nd are on schedule.
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By Kingpin
It's only been five days (three-four if you only could business days), AJ was hoping to hear from the manufacturer that the parts would be ready this approaching week.
By Spectregater
I understand that, and really appreciate the extra work. It's just that the knobs I ordered from Freeky Geeky are set to be delivered tomorrow, Monday. So I really don't need them from here anymore. I suppose if they can not be canceled hopefully I can find someone else to buy them from me.
Sorry for causing so much trouble.
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