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By Nuclearjungle
I placed 2 orders back to back on June 5th, and while the second order was shipped out quickly once Fan Fest was over, the first keeps getting delayed to the next day everyday. It is Order #37184. When I placed the order, every item I placed in my basket was listed as in stock, but if that's not really the case, can the item which is holding up my whole order please be removed? Thank you.
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By Kingpin
Is there a special run item in your order? If so, special-run items are subject to a rolling estimate to accomodate production delays (as they're usually produced by a outside company, rather than in-house at Ghostbusters Fans).
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By starburst
I’ve got that issue atm, placed an order which originally said it would ship June 3rd but now days July 8th... went through the various items in the order and it turns out one of the hat light covers I ordered went from an in stock item to a special order one.

It sucks but I’m not letting it ruin my mood, yeh I have to wait another month but it will soon roll round.

I’ve been patient enough slowly buying parts for my Proton Pack seeming I started collecting them together when my almost 6 year old was a baby what’s another couple of weeks.

Hope you get your order in good time my friend!
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By starburst
I imagine that backlog only got worse in the days after the event, hope you had a great time!
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