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By GK45
A post on Reddit claims it will be $50 but I'm not sure if there is any official word yet.
It's a shame that they aren't including a Zuul Head for people that collected Clortho already as the BAF.
Though equally a shame that they didn't make the BAF Zuul if this was in the pipeline. Could have even put the head in with Dana.

I'm guessing that this was meant to be a con exclusive that has been shifted due to Covid.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
@GK45: It would not surprise me at at all if this action figure set was intended to be an exclusive to San Deigo Comic Con this year and got moved to Hasbro Pulse when SDCC was canceled. I agree, it would have been nice if the Plasma series Dana Barrett had included a Zuul Terror Dog head as an accessory. It is just really lazy that Hasbro is giving us the Vinz Clortho head a second time in with this upcoming set.

Looking forward to seeing what Hasbro has in the pipeline next.
By GK45
Megalopolis has the Plasma Series Wave 1 set of 6 on sale for $59.99 as part of their summer sale. ... -june-2020

Prolly the best price you'll find on these for those still needing them. Was going to grab them this month anyway, so great timing for me.

EDIT: Sold out now. They still have Ray, Peter, Dana and Gozer available for $10.99
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By deadderek
I can't see the Plasma series doing well. It just looks bad and plain.

Anyway is there any news on the neutrona wand?
The wand is still on track to be released on schedule and there's even an unboxing video out there.

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