Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
Just got these today. I havent seen them posted yet. advanced apology if this is a repeat. It took me 8 dollars to get these two. A dollar a try. These were the only two ghostbusters in the machine. I havent seen a Ray. This was from the Walmart machine in Waipahu.

I went to 2 more walmarts tonight. I was probably the only one playing the claw game at midnight. The Walmart in Pearl City had 3 ghostbusters. A Venkman, Staypuft, and Ray! I got the first two, but Ray was pressed up against the glass and the claw couldnt reach him. I didnt feel like getting the ones around him so that he would drop down. The staypuft is impressive in size. I have the ghostbusters coffee mug next to him as a reference.
The other Walmart in Keeamoku had only the 50 cent machine. It also had ghostbusters in it. However they were about half the size. I saw a winston and Slimer in the machine. However the claw was really loose and could not pick up anything. The slimer looks really solid and looks alot like the animated Real Ghostbusters style.
The winston was wedged in deep. I hope there is a large scale winston also. Has anyone else seen these yet?

Wow. That was quick. Maybe because I got a mailer-daemon reply that the email address they supplied is invalid. Hmm... time to dig further, or to wait a few hours and call in hopes they're open on a Sunday. If not, we wait until Tuesday to get any more information. I'm not giving up yet!
It would cost me eleventy bazillion dollars to win a set. Marci wouldn't stop until the damned machine was empty.
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