Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
I saw the 15" Venkman in the machine at the Toys R Us near me. My friend proclaimed that you can never win the crane game. I walked over, dropped in my 50 cents, and lo and behold, first try, got him. :cool:
One of the claw machines at a Walmart near where I live got a new shipment in! :-D I was able to get Egon! :nicejobyoudid: When the claw grabbed Egon it also caught onto a Winston, but right before they got to the drop off, Winston slipped out. :cry: I'm still need Ray, they had two of him, but they were out of the reach of the claw. :-x
I have all of the smaller set, now I'd like to acquire a larger set. I don't know about y'all but I always felt plushes of the 4 boys themselves was something that was surely lacking in the world of Ghostbusters memorabilia. I'm also happy that Mr. stay Puft and Slimer are in the collection but in all honesty it was the plushes of the four boys themselves which were the "claw that hooked me"
Their popping up again in my local claw machines. I've seen at least one of each out there. I think more will be popping up. My brother won me a winston. took three tries.
The one in the back looks like it could either be an egon, or a zombie egon.. unless you saw it was something else?
We looked in many machines in th epast week, and saw the zombies, and a few assorted ghosts, but no GB logo ghost anywhere.
The Walmart near me I've seen all the guys except Venkman, the logo ghost (which I tried for and failed), and Slimer. Yesterday I got Ray on my first shot. Then I tried and failed thrice on Egon. But happy I got one, and my favorite 'buster, at least.
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