Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
What a completely random thing to see in claw machines, I love it! I'd shrug slightly if it was just Stay Puft or just Slimer in these machines, but all four guys too! Awesome! From the looks of it and the tags, they're officially licensed too? It's just too bad they're not on shelves instead; I'd buy a whole set!

Imagine if this was some viral marketing campaign for GB3! (not that I'm completely on board for a third installment yet)
my closest Wally had em...saw 2 Venkmen, 1 Stantz, 1 Zeddemore, 1 Slimer, and 1 Stay Puft. Slimer and Winston were buried, and the other Busters were standing unobtainably vertical. Actually had Stay Puft in the claw and carried halfway across the machine when the claw lurched and dropped him unobtainably against the glass. Bummer
Two Walmarts in my area... One has no Ghostbusters in the claw machine and the other doesn't even have a claw machine! :angryvigo:

I'm going to Kmart today to check for the lounge pants, I know they have a claw machine, so I'll check there too. :cool:
My local walmart has two crane machines and both had the plush in them the one had a complete set the other a partial set. my brother the crane game expert of the family spent at least three bucks and walked away empty handed. will try again.

Hello everybody, I searched on Google to see if anyone has also been searching like a mad man for these figures.

I am a new user and got Ray today but ended up forking too much in trying to get an Egon.

I am going to press hard for the complete set. Anyone else successful in getting at least one of them?

They are EXTREMELY hard to get . I'm surprised I even got this one. I wish they would just sell them. :blush:

Hey hawaiiangb, about how much did you spend on the ones you've gotten and do you have any techniques? Some claws are really weak. :sigh:
I don't know if this has been mentioned but the walmart by my house has a giant claw machine with giant sized gb stay puff, slimer and crew
I feel ur pain. In dying for a complete set of the giant ones and smaller ones. And want a couple extra to give to my little nephew as that would make him freak out in excitement. 25 dollars in and still no stuffies that cost less then a dollar to make. Fml
What is the distributor branding on the claw machine with these in them? I haven;t seen any around here, and I'm wondering if its a national distributor.
A couple of more dollars and no dice.... the slimer is really hard to get! Most of the machines I have seen have them standing straight up and are stuffed pretty good in there... ugh!

I don't know how people are catching that Stay Puft either! Extremely difficult!
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