Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
Glen Zubia wrote:Image

Hello everybody, I searched on Google to see if anyone has also been searching like a mad man for these figures.

I am a new user and got Ray today but ended up forking too much in trying to get an Egon.

I am going to press hard for the complete set. Anyone else successful in getting at least one of them?

They are EXTREMELY hard to get . I'm surprised I even got this one. I wish they would just sell them. :blush:

Hey hawaiiangb, about how much did you spend on the ones you've gotten and do you have any techniques? Some claws are really weak. :sigh:

not really keeping track, but I'm hitting the machines like a gambling addict at Las Vegas... Just mass collecting right now to give away to my Ghostbusters Hawaii Division members at Christmas. Here's my obsession so far:
please dont pm me about buying any...I'm pretty much saving them for my team.
he seems to be the most common in the set. I dont know why , but whoever is filling the machine has been making sure that Winston is firmly pushed in and very, very hard to get. I dont try to go for the slimer anymore. It was a lucky grab on the tag that snagged this one. He is almost impossible to get. I notice that there arent very many Large dolls in the dollar machine. The company that refills the machines has not refilled ghostbusters in the ones that i have won dolls in.
We spotted them here today in Kmart (x2), and Tru. None at walmarts. We snagged all but slimer. Seems his design makes him a bit harder to obtain.
50 cents a pop. I've read they are programmed to actually close stronger after a certain number of attempts, but I can't confirm that at all, since I never play them.

For the 5 we got, it cost us $30, and I figure $6 a pop is reasonable, and actually cheaper than say the $20 plush stay puft released recently, or the $25 a pop mego styled figures. I think the regular guys are easier to snag, and I think $12 of the $30 we spent was lost on trying to get two different slimers in two different machines.

If we didn't keep trying for slimer, we could have walked away at about $22 total. Not sure if we'll go after him again, though I would like to get one of the larger stay pufts.
That's what I was thinking. There's no possible way anyone could win anything if they always closed the way they've been closing for me. I thought about putting more money in, but I would hate to spend and not get anything. I'll probably go back to Denny's and put a few more dollars in and see what happens.
Ive actually thought that the best possible way to win at this game . Is to make a mock up of the claw game at home. Teach a small dog to climb into the hopper after you place him in the door. Pull out whatever doll you are pointing at and throw it down the chute. Keep repeating until all the ghostbusters are taken. Finally point at the chute, whereby he jumps into the hopper and you fetch him and give him doggie treats.... Not a single dollar need be spent.
SlimeGuy wrote:Image

I was commenting on my search for the dolls and not responding to the previous question..
I knew that, I was just being a jerk...I WOULD say well played in response to your response, but I'm distracted as there is a handsome man on my screen.
Avidly searching for them in Middle Tennessee. So far, Wal-Mart is a total bust (no GBs, only imitation Pokemon), but I still have to check Kmarts, TRU and various movie theater arcades.

I'll be in southern Kentucky this weekend, so if the opportunity presents itself, I'll check around there, too.
We are taking Winston to Horrorcon in Oct to get signed.. they remind me of those old "autograph hound" plush things from years ago.
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