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I don't frequent any scale model building sites, but found at least 2 places that said Polar Lights was going to release their Ecto kit again in January 2014. That's pretty soon for us not to know anything?

Big Bad Toy Store's page: ... ode=retail

Also found a few dollars cheaper at MegaHobby's page: ... ights.aspx

I may have to stock up on a couple... This may keep our resident decal makers busy, too!
Hm...the Big Bad Toy Store picture is the box from the original release in 2002, but the MegaHobby image is of a new box design.

What's really weird is that it's not listed at Round2's web site, and they already have "pre-listings" for all manner of 2014 releases.

The only ECTO-1 they have listed is the ECTO-1A repop from last year:

The stock number POL914 looks plausible, and does more or less seem in sequence with their upcoming releases.

Just strange that there's been absolutely nothing about it on their own web site.
Yeah, it is great news. I figured since they put directions in the ECTO-1A kit to kinda sorta make a half-ass ECTO-1 they'd ruled out repopping the Polar Lights kit.

Have to think about getting one. I built one of the original releases in 2002, and it wasn't as crappy as my 1990 ECTO-1A. Plus when I built the repop I had a clear idea for a variant; I go this I'd just be doing the same thing only better.

I still find it odd that Round2 hasn't put it up at their web site, though.
TexasBuster wrote:Anyone have any idea why none of the 1A kits have a radome tower? Or why so many of the roof components are the wrong color?
The lack of a radome tower is, sadly, a holdover from the original kit; granted that they didn't really have an internet or a GBFans to research stuff on in 1989, but good grief, the photos on the original box--of the actual ECTO-1A--show it clear as day. :lol:

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