Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
I figured that I'd make a dedicated Collectibles thread instead of crowding my Uniform Build thread...

First off, just received some great stuff from Tim Lawrence's personal collection (ILM Creature Shop Supervisor for Ghostbusters II and was also the man behind the Nunzio Scoleri costume)... he even signed the stuff for me!

I guess you can say this is an autographed photo of Tim Lawrence as Nunzio:

Another magazine and... Making Ghostbusters book!!!

And, he signed the inside too! I'm making this my GB Autograph book when I go to Cons:

Not only that, but while I was browsing through the Making book, I found this:

Talking to Tim, he can't recall where it's from, but judging from the date posted on it (6/16), I'm assuming it's possibly for a Ghostbusters II premiere showing... He did mention that he's watched the movie several times in theaters... ;)
Got this one too, you can randomly find it on eBay for like $10 or less... I ended up with two because the first one I received was seriously damaged, so I got a refund for it, but I was able to keep the magazine...

And, yes, I do have the Lego GB set, just need to find the time to put it together...

And then, collectibles posted from my uniform build thread:






Oh, hey, cool, thanks for that! It was in great condition, I appreciate that... Really wished I could have gotten it signed in person, though... Sigh...
New signatures added to my Making Ghostbusters book, straight from the Scares that Care Weekend Convention in Williamsburg, VA!

First off, Steve Tash, who signed my book as "You can keep the 5 bucks!" I wish I had some large sized ESP Zener cards for this photo...

And then, of course, Walter Peck himself, William Atherton! Really great guy, you should have seen him completely light up as he saw us walking up to him all suited up!

So, here's what my book looks like now! William Atherton signed it as "What's the magic word?"

...but, how could we leave without handing good ol' Will his very own Harold Ramis Memorial Pin! He loved it, you can tell it truly touched his heart when we gave it to him...

...and, of course, how could we leave without stepping into an elevator?
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ovwthrillseekr wrote:Atherton seems like a cool guy
He really was! He said we brought back some great memories of the days they were filming by how authentic our uniforms and packs looked!
Finally got my office desk all set up downstairs! Now I got workspace (notice me finally getting to my Ecto-1 Lego set) and our dining room table is finally clear of my computer clutter!

joeghostbuster wrote:thumbnail links would do you some good ;)
Well, no one has complained yet of my high resolution photos, and I did place a warning in the title... but, I am open to learn how to do it... care to enlighten me on how to do it on the forum boards? Is there a special code to enter in the IMG command to make them thumbnail links? Thanks!
I find your photos fine on a computer. They kill my phone when I'm trying to use Tapatalk though. But I'm not concerned about it. I just read your threads on a computer... usually when I supposed to be working...
joeghostbuster wrote:I use to host my pics, and it codes the thumbnails automatically, even letting you choose what size you want them to be
I just found the option on my share site... thanks!
Had to post this! The Ghostbusters, Virginia just got a shout-out from William Atherton himself! Frickin' awesome! We got a split second of some camera time as well...

pyhasanon wrote:Had to post this! The Ghostbusters, Virginia just got a shout-out from William Atherton himself! Frickin' awesome! We got a split second of some camera time as well…
Thanks for posting that video, Phil. Next best thing to being there. I noticed you guys in that video not once, but twice. How cool! And what a wonderful and respectful quote from William Atherton… he gets it! I will certainly be laying down some cash to get his autograph at the first opportunity.
Got something new from Tim Lawrence!


Which, of course, reminded me of this cover...
You got more stuff than I do... ;P Not that it's a contest or anything... ;)
Unfortunately, no story behind the Ramis autographs, other than the fact that I got them on eBay after Harold's death, so I don't even know if they're authentic... however, the seller of one of them did reply here... I didn't spend an insane amount of money on them, so I'm not insanely bummed if they weren't real...
I love the photos and your autographs are EPIC! Thanks for sharing!!
So... I found this at a Hollywood auction... There were tons of high-end autograph stuff there, and a few GB stuff... There were two 8x10 photos, one which was in the style of the Rolling Stone GB2 photos, but Ivan Reitman was in the photo with them... Autographed by all 6 of them (with Sigourney, and yes, even Bill Murray)... It sold for $100+, I believe... Don't know who grabbed that one... But that's too much for me to spend on an 8x10...

The second photo up for auction, was this one... and no one seemed to want it, so I got it for the one and only bid for it (I believe) - $25... So, even though I have no way of proving if this photo has authentic autographs on it, I didn't necessarily break the bank for it either...

It's interesting how it was signed... Dan wrote "Report all Ghosts", and then everybody else signed it as well with their character name... Bill Murray's is hard to see, as he used dark ink (if it actually was him who signed), and he signed it as "Dr. Peter"... I've met Ernie Hudson before, so his signature definitely looks authentic, and I've seen Dan's autographs from the many ones received from fans on the board, so his looks pretty damn good too... So, who knows, maybe I got lucky... Thoughts?

I also have a GB1 poster from the same auction, not $25, but still cheap, and it's signed by almost the entire main crew (Sigourney, Atherton, Moranis, etc)... so even if it is fake, I still think I lucked out with something cool... LOL...

Oh well... As long as I'm not breaking the bank, I'm good with being fooled... or maybe lucky? I may never know...
So, got this today from my local Walmart! Gonna use it as a regular DVD/Movie display stand at home...



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