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By Egon's Pompadour
I wonder if there is any chance that a company could pick up the license to make figures in the likeness of the comics. With all of the various vinyl and cartoonish collectibles that look nothing like the movie characters and the disappointing lack of RGB figures, it seems like this would've been a no-brainer. There is an established fanbase of the IDW series and the customers who are picking up these silly vinyl figures would probably be just as likely to buy a well-sculpted figure, at a reasonable price, based on the comics.
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By Kingpin
It certainly would help in keeping costs down by removing the need to get likeness rights. However with the various pop-vinyl like figures out there, the older MattyCollector line and the new Diamond one, it might not be likely that we'll see any based on the IDW line due to potential saturation of the market.
By Egon's Pompadour
I see your point. I've been tempted to pick up some of the vinyl collectibles, but never convinced myself to do it. I'm still hoping for an RGB line, however far-fetched that idea is. If it's profitable for Diamond Select to remake the movie line that just came out a couple of years ago, I'm surprised no company has seized the opportunity to revive the beloved cartoon - at least the main characters.
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By Kingpin
I'd love to see some Real Ghostbusters figures made using today's tooling, they'd be phenomenal. :) Egon and Janine with transparent glasses, fully detailed and painted Proton Packs and Traps, accurate reproductions of the equipment and belts. :)

And then there's the ghosts... Sandman, Samhain, the Boogieman, the Spectral Ghostbusters.
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By midmanc82
I'd most def buy the IDW figures if they ever got made, the potential it has with the many new characters and villains could make it a really nice line , also all the diff equipment like winstons proton pistol thing and the wrist bracer type thing for me would be a good selling point
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