Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
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By SpaceBallz
....where's Kevin?!
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By Havoc0213
Always nice to see something new, but I think these are still an easy pass for me. If the movie turns out alright then I might reconsider.
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By gold333
They look low quality/fisher price to me :(

The equipment is a silver tone in the promotional materials and more detailed, also the overalls lack depth :(
By weepel
So... they gave the new Ghostbusters all different body shapes like the actors that played them, but recycled the same bodies over and over again for the "Adult Collector" Ghostbusters figures based off of the original four guys? That's pretty crappy. Not only that, but they never made a Real Ghostbusters line, because they didn't want to spend the money on sculpting a few extra bodies. My feelings about these toys is the same I have for the movie. I have no affinity for these characters.
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By Stantz1981
And so it begins. This is why Sony plastered the original logo & branding all over this remake, to make money. As above. No interest. This is not ghostbusters. I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on merch based on the originals
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By CaptCyan
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'Nother pic, more of the same only this time from Matty.


Glad to see that they didn't go the Barbie route. It might be wishful thinking on my part, but it looks like the Packs might be removable. Got this blurb from Infinite Earths...

"Like it or not, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters is here to stay - and not just on the big screen, but in the toy isles to. The director has updated his official Twitter account with an early look at the 6" Mattel Ghostbusters movie action figures, and they honestly don't look too bad.

The four 6" figures based off the characters played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will come fully articulated and equipped with a proton pack accessory.

No further details are provided, but we're guessing Matte will showcase these next month at New York Toy Fair with their release slated to coincide with the film's theatrical debut on July 15th."
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By pyhasanon
And so it begins. This is why Sony plastered the original logo & branding all over this remake, to make money.
How dare they try to make money!
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By Jangonate
Nit an exact quote, but someone posted on Ghost Corps Facebook page if the figures came with ghosts and there was a wink, wink, nudge, nudge response. Could be more accessories than we're seeing.

Pretty excited, myself.
By RaysEctogoggles
jones looks too short.
with dst classics line coming out at such a great price point i see no reason to give mattel any more of my money. if they do cans of slime with little ghosts inside like back in the day, i could get on board for those.
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By joeghostbuster
at first I was wondering why they arent the same caliber quality as the original movie figures that MattyCollector produced, but someone reminded me on Facebook that this is the mass retail Mattel distribution as opposed to the adult collector quality limited availability release of the MattyCollector brand... I originally wanted to buy the Kate McKinnon (and maybe the Kristen Wiig) figures but seeing them now, they look like cheap plastic GI Joes, even the size looks like GI joes without anything to compare them to - yes these are the 'production figures' so things could change, but I dont expect to see vast improvements... though I do think it will be really cool for girls to be playing with Ghostbusters toys, another reason I am in favor of this movie, to branch the franchise out a little more....
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By Chace
This is why Sony plastered the original logo & branding all over this remake, to make money.
Wait a minute! Are you telling me major studios produce remake films and merchandising tie ins as well as rerelease the originals on dvd and blu ray for profit and not to please the fan base and make quality cinema?!?!?!

That's absurd.

Next you'll tell me rock stars are more interested in money, fame, and pussy than in the art of music.
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By CaptCyan
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Some larger photos have popped up, compliments of Ghostbusters Mania:

Hey Feats!

I don't agree, Kate McKinnon looks nothing like Allyce Beasley. :-D
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By CaptCyan
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Some larger photos have popped up, compliments of Ghostbusters Mania:
Hey KP!

Thanks for finding and posting these. They will serve as an excellent guide for repainting the figures, which I will be doing once they are released.

I still hate Matty for the way they handled the Fans and the Original Movie Busters, but I still like their Figures.
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By henz
Looks like the original 'Busters are getting a rerelease too if anyone is still looking for them. I wonder if they'll get a wider release than previously. I might be tempted, but not at the price they previously went for. They appear to come with a BAF of an upscaled logo ghost.

(image stolen from another board)
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By 910dohead
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I'm guessing these re-releases will retail in the $12.99-$14.99 range versus the $25 "matty" price. There's no way Mattel is going to put out this new toy line bearing collector's prices. This time they aren't marketing to us but to the average toy buyer (a.k.a. kids and their parents). The only thing that would tempt me to triple dip on these figures (besides the collect-and-connect no-ghost logo) would be additional accessories.
By henz
That price was how these should have released in the first place. Tempted to pick them up for that. Shame there's no trap/goggles/pke. New accessories would be great, but the essentials are well.. essential.
By Jangonate
Considering these are packaged the same way as their DC Multiverse line, are the same scale, and include a BAF it's safe to assume these will retail at $19.99.
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By AJ Quick
I might be able to give pricing soon.

I've already got all these items ordered through our distributor... but unfortunately Sony won't let us release any details until May.
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By featofstrength
Mom isn't here to buy my toys this time around. Any info, the sooner the better...this man-child has a budget to manage.

The merch takes higher priority over the new movie for me. In it for the ghosts...And still holding out hope for that 6in scale Ecto.
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By DarkSpectre
Since I have all of the Matty line the only thing of interest to me in the whole case is the Stay Puft figure. I said in another toy topic that I find it interesting that they put a boy on the dress items instead of a boy and a girl. Its a real shame my 7 year old has zero interest in the new film. Sony and Mattel could've possibly gotten a lot of money from me. I'm sure I'm not the only one though
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