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Hello everyone,

I own an original Ghostbusters poster, it measures 27x41 inches, was folded but I have had it stored rolled for over 10 years. I have scoured the internet and have yet to find an image of this poster. It says Coming To Save The World This Christmas instead of This Summer. I came across what looks to be a knock off reprint of this image saying Christmas on eBay a long time ago (can also find this on Google search), but it does not have any of the writing on the bottome (Litho in USA, etc..) so it very much looks like a reprinted image. As seen on the poster is shows Litho In USA, 1984 Columbia Pictures, Inc and at the bottom Ghostbusters "English". This leads me to believe that it was a UK release poster as it came out on December 7th in the UK, but all I can ever find for UK posters are the UK Quads, which is what is normally used for UK releases. Literally every foreign poster release I have looked through and none of them match this poster. I had read in an article a long time ago when I saw the movie when it came out (I was in jr high back then) in the article it had stated it was initially going to be a Christmas release, but then they moved it up to Summer. So I am wondering if this is a very rare initial poster for a USA Christmas release, all my research is leading me to believe that. I would love to hear any information anyone has on this, I am also very curious if anyone has ideas on what the value of this poster is. I would say it is in great shape, probably near mint.

Thanks everyone!!!
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