Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
I was thinking the same thing. The two-foot Stay Puft bank sells for $125-150. This Slimer replica seems to be geared more towards the adult collector than the bank. Thus, it stands to reason we are talking in the 4-5 hundred range. Plus, after you get one your food bill is going to skyrocket. It's not really worth it.
Woah, that's expensive. I'd guess the discrepancy between the prices of the Slimer and the Gremlin really boils down to the popularity of their respective brands. Either that, or it cost more to license the Slimer--a burden graciously transferred to us, the consumers.
You are probably right about the license, and it's a shame we have to pay for it. Seems wrong to me. The Gremlins were awesome and I don't see this being worth more in the grand sceme of things. I shall be passing sadly.
Anyone know why there are 2 different companies making this right now?
Unlicensed casts were sold on eBay for years. From what I gather, this is essentially a recast of a sculpt that Steve Johnson had commissioned as a display for his XFX office well after GB had been released-- maybe even into the 90s. I keep seeing it described as "from the original movie molds", which isn't even close to being correct.
Kinda crazy two different companies are using the same mold and claiming it to be cast from a production used mold. I remember seeing this Slimer mold showing up every once in a while on eBay years back. So far the difference is NECA's is foam and the Hollywood Collectors one is fiberglass. They look cool, but way too expensive for something both companies cast off a fan made model.
I think both companies are walking a dangerous line by claiming that the Slimer is made from a production used mold. Just a few minutes of browsing on social media and the true origins are revealed. I personally think it looks pretty good but it's clearly not Slimer from GB1 or 2.
Yeah it is upsetting that both companies are advertising this as being made from a production model. The fact that Hollywood is taking shots at NECA is even more ridiculous. I tweeted at both companies for the hell of it to see if either would actually provide where they were told/got the idea that this Slimer was from a production mold. Silence.
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