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By Jangonate
It's late and I'm fighting sleep with the internet when I discover from the forums on that Mezco is making GB figures in their One 12 line. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a quick search. Magnificent 6" figures with cloth outfits and everything. This is awesome (and expensive news). They're even looking into a scale Ecto with lights and sounds. Big reveal will be at SDCC. News broke in an interview on Hottoyscast. I think the link in this forum should work, but it's late and I don't have time to give it a listen... ... st-48.html
By Dr.D
Well...if this turns out to be true...we are about to get the most definitive Ghostbusters figures ever. I have two of Mezco's One 12 figures (TDKR Batman and Judge Dredd) and they without question two of the nicest, best sculpted and constructed figures.

Do they mention if it is original of the reboot?
By Dr.D
Okay, listened to the whole interview. I don't know why this isn't getting more attention because this is huge. Mezco's One:12 scale is one of the best lines out there, I consider them to be something like a 1/12 scale Hot Toys.

Ghostbusters reveal is near the end of the interview, and holy crap am I excited. Get hyped guys, we're about to get the best Ghostbusters figures we could ever hope for.
By Not404Error
Daaaaamn, it's about to get real expensive to be a GB fan this year. Between Anovos and this...
By Jangonate
Thanks for listening to the interview. Even more exciting is that we should see something at SDCC. 6" Hot Toys is a great description. I have their DKR figure and, soon, Spock. I'm also down for their BvS figs.

Agreed on why this isn't all over the place. They apparently spent a lot of time on portraits. Can you imagine the proton packs?
By Dr.D
Anyone looking for a good idea of what to expect, take a look at Mezco's Spock. If that's the kind of quality we can expect, these will be literally the best Ghostbusters figures we could ever hope for.
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By Heroic35
Just looked up the Spock and it's a bit underwhelming. If these are classic GB, I am in for sure regardless. And honestly, that price point isn't that bad.
By Wiggyof9
I can not wait to see these figures. I've never collected the really high end stuff like Hot Toys, but Ghostbusters figures in this style may be what make me break down and buy them. So far I am ok with the DST likenesses, but I really want a Hot Toys type level of accuracy in my figures.
By henz
Just when I thought I was satisfied with what I have....

These could well be the gold standard if Mezco pulls it off. I will probably fork out, but I'll need to see them all first. I can't spend this kind of money if one of them is a dud, and no-one seems to have nailed the 4 at once.
By Jangonate
Spock is a fantastic figure. Pics are one thing, but having them in hand impresses. Communicators and tricorders open up, poseability is awesome, and the cloth goods are very well done. Comparisons to Hot Toys aren't far off, but these are easier to play around with and hold up even with lots of posing. I have DKR Batman, too, and he sold the line for me.
By godgundam23
So far I've loved what I've seen with the 1:12 collective stuff, specifically the newer stuff they have shown like DC Green Arrow. For the roughly 80$ price point (green arrow being 75$), they have a great number of accessories and come with their own themed stands. I can't wait to see what they do with GB. These will prob be what you switch out your Matty 12" figures with, the quality will most definitely be better. That pod cast also states a possibility of an Ecto 1 (since they are doing a Batmobile for the DC line), though he states they wont do it without lights and sounds and price point is gonna be for sure more than the lego firehouse, but all depends on how big a market for vehicles is. I guess all we can do is wait and see, hope they show a decent amount of eye candy at SDCC.
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By featofstrength
That pod cast also states a possibility of an Ecto 1 (since they are doing a Batmobile for the DC line), though he states they wont do it without lights and sounds and price point is gonna be for sure more than the lego firehouse, but all depends on how big a market for vehicles is.
If they can't keep it under $200, f*** that noise, man.

Why exactly does it have to have light and sound? Ive seen their BvS Batmobile, and yes the interior detail is impressive. But, am I wrong in thinking that a majority of GB fans here would settle for an accurate exterior and just being able to put figures inside it if the bells and whistles were concerned? I mean, f*** , just upscale my old Kenner car and shave a hundred bucks off the pricepoint
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By CaptCyan
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Wasn't the size and final cost what stopped Mattel from making an Ecto to fit their figures? (Aside from the asinine pre-order window)
All of the above plus the backlash from Fans on their Facebook page. During the Ecto presale, Mattel was dumping their "old stock" figures at their Matty Store and OddLots, so you could buy them for about $9.00 each, if you could find them.

There are 8 pages of Piss & Moan about this. How do you guys not remember this stuff? Here's the link to the Matty Ecto :


For those who are too lazy to search the link, here is AJ's explanation on pricing of the Beast.
I look at it like this.

The 1:64 scale cost $1 for the crappy version, $5 for the good version and $20 for the good version in a nice box.
The 1:43 scale cost $60 for the Ecto-1 and $80 for the Ecto-1a.
The 1:18 scale cost $130 for the Ecto-1 and $180 for the Ecto-1a.

The 1:12 scale is a little more than the Ecto-1a, and falls in line with the pricing of scale. And its going to be huge. That's what I can't believe about this. To have nearly a 2 foot Ecto-1 sitting on my coffee table.
And just for fun, here's Feats take on it way back when.
this is about 2 years too late for fan hype to buy into that price's a pass for me. Though I will let my packed GBs ride on the back of the 66 Batmobile that Matty is putting out this year for $60
By Dr.D
Another problem with making the Ecto 1, in comparison to something like the Batmobile, is the fact that it is based on a real car meaning they need to get permission from Cadillac to produce it. While I'm sure that's not necessarily hard to acquire, it's another cost to add onto the understandably high tooling costs for such a vehicle.

As for why he feels it needs lights and sounds, at the price point for these vehicles, adding those probably doesn't push the cost up that much more and creates a much more dynamic piece.
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By featofstrength
It's a BIG f***ing car. Even if you leave out the electronics and interior detailing, it will probably still be over $200.
I'm sure it has little to do with size and more 1) the cost of the licensing and 2) market/demand for the product. (Batman and the Ninja turtles get great vehicles and play sets... I get it, higher demand/brand recognition)
I'm also going to throw in the horrible economy and the reboot going with a different ecto...even a big dog like Mattel is sticking with lil Hot Wheels and mini figures. Matty was probably spot on with their $250 scale Ecto with light and sound, but they'd already screwed the pooch with that line.

Wait... no... it's all the fans' fault for this business. I missed my chance with Matty, and now I can like it at $350 or lump it with no one else to blame but myself and the other fans who wouldn't jump.

Who knows... maybe the reboot will be a huge success and give us a shot at retail again down the line?

For now, here's Mezco's Dredd and bike to tide you over: ... ode=retail
Pass...Dredd can ride the $20 batpod from Mattel that I picked up in 2008, right Cap?. :-P
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By ccv66
Not sure cloth uniforms are a good idea for the scale. I wonder how many change s before the final product. But if they sale them as a set with ecto 1 ill be forced to give them my money.

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