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By ccv66
It should be noted the HCG Trap has strayed into controversy as the pictured item has been made with (or specifically styled after) one of Nick-a-tron's Ghost Trap kits.
Thanks, I didn't know that, I'm glad I saw your post. Was thinking about preordering . Knowing that I won't do business with them. Save me $500. I just assumed they had access to real trap
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By One time
If it's modelled after those plans it should be accurate no?

But certain details I can't place in any scene.

1. The striping going around the edges of the trap doors.
2. The metal flip switch looks oversize to me?
3. The red light on the trap also looks oversize to me?

Or am I mistaken?
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By Matt Campbell
Nick himself called them out on it being his Mk2 trap that they are trying to pass off as their own, he pointed out the things that he knows are specific to his kits and they promptly blocked him which doesn't exactly scream innocence. As for the inaccuracies on striping, light & switch, they most likely bought one of his kits that had to be assembled as opposed his pre built offerings which means they had to put it together, paint it & add add the bits that weren't part of Nick's kits like the switch and indicator light.
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By devilmanozzy
I'm not a prop fan or expert on equipment specs, but the compare shot of the knobs on the front of the trap look to perfectly match. I think that right there is a pretty clear red flag for some kind of recasting. I don't believe the knobs on the trap were ever perfectly like that in the films, yet both Nick's and HCG's are the same.
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By NotSabbat
Im really sad that Nick is out of the prop game. From everything I have read he was a stand up builder and I was looking forward to picking up some parts from him. I also follow him on facebook and the comparison pictures are pretty compelling.
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By One time
I was thinking of buying that HCG trap because I'm a huge fan of the trap, but now I won't.

If Nick was building them like that prebuilt though I'd sure buy one from him.

(I'm terrible at building props)
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By ccv66
Being a prop builder must be ruff. Seems like most of these guys have a full-time job and everyone is critical of your work. Spending years improving parts, building up a reputation. Just for someone else to profit off your labor.

HGC also had ecto- goggles on display a few comiccons ago, Were those Stolen too?
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By Kingpin
HGC also had ecto- goggles on display a few comiccons ago, Were those Stolen too?
Not that we're presently aware of, and they may be legit... But after the discovery with the Trap, there's always the possibility that the Trap isn't the only tainted fruit from the HGC tree.

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