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By Wiggyof9
So I am looking to buy an Ecto-1 die cast model. While I'd prefer to Hotwheels Elite, it's a little too pricey. I see a decent priced Ecto-1 from Auto World that comes with a slimer figure, but then I see what appears to be the same thing from Joyride. The Joyride states it's 1:21 scale while Auto World States it's 1:18

Is there any difference between the two? So far the only thing I can tell is that the Joyride version has black hoses on the side where they should be blue and the Auto World version has them the proper blue.
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By Kingpin
Joyride provided the first iteration of this particular model, with Auto World producing it as a re-release, hence the high similarity between the two.

Upon first glance, the Auto World reissue appears to correct some of the errors with the previous version, a full breakdown is as follows:

•The side tubes are now depicted in blue (they were black on the previous release, as noted above)
•The roof rack has been given additional white detailing on the side panels
•The yellow tanks have been given more accurate reproductions of their labels.
•The lime tank has been given more accurate reproductions of its labels.
•The rear white dome has been given its red stripes.
•The rear hemi-dome has been given its red arrow and yellow/black checkerboard pattern.
•The spotlight on the driver's door has been made blue.
•The licence plates are now the correct orange.

By and large, the Auto World effort is a vast improvement on the original... Although the lack of transparency in the windows for the rear of the car are a step back, if that's what the final product is like.
By Wiggyof9
Ah, so there are quite a few differences then. Thank you very much. Trying to decide if I should opt for one of these models or jst try to save up for a Hotwheels elite. Or just wait and see if Diamond ever does the Ecto-1 in 1:15 scale that they mentioned.
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