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By joegianco
I went to 2 of my local Wal-Mart's this past Thursday and Friday. One had absolutely nothing and the other had the trap and pke meter only. That one had empty peg hooks where the figures are going to go when they get around to them.

You've got to remember, these are a big deal to us but for most people they don't even know these are going to be a thing. I bet the boxes these are shipped in don't even have a do not release before date on them.

I did my retail stint at Kmart for a few years and can tell you that unless something is having an advertised or promoted release (like music or movies) getting new stuff out on the shelves is just another thing on the endless to-do list whose priorities are always subject to change.

Yesterday might have been the official release date but just keep in mind it could still take a few days before you can see them pop up.

Which sucks because I'm an impatient type of guy.
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By ProtonPack83
I did luckily find 2 sets of the Retro at a local Walmart and they were actually hanging on the pegs when I went to get milk and other essentials today. The RGB figs were just a bonus - but I was surprised to see them on the racks. One PKE meter was left as well. I only bought one full set and left the other for another happy buyer. Although some of the paint apps had some flaws, overall I think these are so much better than the Hasbro Star Wars Retro line. I can't believe the cards were this big as a kid, they look huge to me now. The packaging is still killer after all these years...
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By mike_waclo
Snagged a full set on a grocery run at the Whitehall, Ohio Walmart today. They still had quite a few left on the pegs, but I think I might've picked up the only Ray left.

By featofstrength
Some suppliers got these before Covid-19 put the kibosh on the original release date. Dorksidetoys posted pics of pallets of these in their warehouse last week in the Fwoosh forums.
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By GhostbusterMatt
Has anyone preordered these through Walmart? I ordered these in February and they are now listed as delayed. Seeing as they have been in stores for over a month, I don't understand the delay.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Got an email from Zavvi today, they got in another shipment of Ray Stantz action figures from Hasbro. They will be shipping mine out soon. It should be at my house by June 16th. I could not be more happier now. All I need to do now is order Slimer and Stay Puft and I will have the complete set.
By yourbigpalal83
Get this nonsense...Walmart screwed up big time with the pre orders...their is apparently 2 SKU's and the Pre orders are one, but the other figures are another...and the pre orders will most likely be automaticly canceled...

Heres a list with links to the updated SKU Figures for the team...

By Coover5
Winston is double because it's a 3rd party listing.

They screw up too with the new listing. Do you see the category for Venkman? "Kids' Room Décor"
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By Macktacular
Coover5 wrote: June 15th, 2020, 12:17 am They screw up too with the new listing. Do you see the category for Venkman? "Kids' Room Décor"
To be fair, if I get 'em they're gonna just sit on my shelf so... it's not totally inaccurate. Just change the word "Kid" to "Manchild".
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By featofstrength
Got 4/6 of the GB Plasma set in the mail yesterday (thanks, Pulse, and your weird shipping methods), and I have to say...these are waaay better in hand than any of the pictures Ive seen. Must be something about the angles and lighting with the photo real you actually have to light like a movie set.

There’ still something off about Bill, though (The new “Harrison Ford” of action figure likenesses?). Though cartoony (most likely pulled from the video game renders), I think Mattel’s head captures him better. I guess Hasbro has how many more costume variants to make it right...and head swapping should be easy.

Oh, and cant put the Ecto-1 prominently on the inner card and not deliver now. I’ll take Haslab if I have to...anything but a Target Exclusive, please!
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Got my Ray Stantz earlier this week, and I ordered both Slimer and Stay Puft from Amazon(I decided to get them now, rather than wait to pick them up since my Wal Mart is terrible with their toy department). Looking forward to having a complete set at last.
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By 910dohead
I got 2 of the 4 figures from my pre-order on the foreign language cards. Way to go Wal-mart. I was actually shocked they were in actual boxes and arrived in great shape.

I actually have all the carded versions in hand. I can post photos if anyone cares to see them all next to each other?
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By 910dohead
First wave is on the top with the "Who You Gonna Call" tagline above the logo. Below that is the second wave which excludes the tagline. Bottom is the foreign card wave which is also missing the tagline. Is there a version of them with it? Now, Stay Puft and Green Ghost/Slimer apparently have foreign cards with the 4+ being in a white circle as well as the tagline removed. Those I don't have nor have I seen pop up. These might just be photos of product samples? Can anyone clarify? *EDIT* - Nevermind. t40srt posted photos of his Slimer and Stay Puft on the foreign cards in the other thread, so they're out there.

Also, I haven't seen a domestic version of the two ghosts with the tagline removed, but I am guessing they'll be showing up at some point? Hasbro removed the tagline for a reason which is probably due to some legal issue.

Here are the cardbacks. Left is first, middle is second, third is foreign. Tagline is there above the logo on the first and it's missing on the second release. Both cards are identical to each other except for the tagline and the production number is in a different spot. The foreign release has a lot different going for it versus the others.

It's interesting to note that the production number on these is in the 5 digits. Obviously they aren't individually numbered and these represent a batch that went into production. I have a batch of the first wave figures that are batch 00091 and the other being 00101. If you have a batch that's 00001, I imagine you have yourself some of the first to come out of production. Hasbro could be planning on producing up to 99,999 batches of these all the way into the new movie release. Why wouldn't they when these things are flying off the shelves? It's like printing money for them.
By JonnyB
910dohead wrote: June 24th, 2020, 4:51 pm I got 2 of the 4 figures from my pre-order on the foreign language cards. Way to go Wal-mart. I was actually shocked they were in actual boxes and arrived in great shape.

I actually have all the carded versions in hand. I can post photos if anyone cares to see them all next to each other?
I just got 6 of mine today. All of them are foreign
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By deadderek
Walmart (not Wal-Mart) completely dropped the ball on this.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
@deadderek: I agree, after the whole pre-ordering debacle I went and ordered my Ghostbusters action figures from Zavvi in the United Kingdom since they do ship internationally as well. I am glad that I did order from them versus Wal Mart since my action figures arrived properly packaged and when they suppose to. Apart from having to wait for my Ray Stantz action figure( he got shipped separately from Peter, Egon and Winston due to Hasbro not giving Zavvi enough to fill every order), I was pleased that I choose to go this route since as I mentioned earlier my local Wal Mart is terrible with their toy department.
By Wiggyof9
I got my Plasma Series wave 1 today and honestly, these are the best GB figures at this price point. They are far better than the Matty stuff. In hand the likenesses are mostly spot on.

The way they handled Egon's glasses is great. Dana looks amazing. The DST figure is so ugly compared to this.

Sure, DST gave us lots of hands for the GBs, but I never use them. Sure they gave us stream effects, but they snap if you look at them funny. Plus most of the figures fall over.

Matty gave us pack in ghosts, but they were undersized compared to the figures. Plus the figures were stiff, had packs that were glued on and too small, and had weirdly tiny heads and huge hands.

The Hasbro stuff is a nice compromise between DST and Matty. Yes, I would like a bit more paint, but what we got works. Yes, a few more accessories would be nice, but I expect we will have plenty as the line grows. Plus a free terror dog is nice. For a first showing, this is a pretty solid wave.
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By Ectojeff88
I just got my RGB figures. All arrived 1 at a time over the last 2 weeks. It looks like I did receive international versions for all. I wasn’t to peeved about the foreign cards since I was going to open them anyway, but I would like to hunt down at least 1 US standard Peter Venkman to keep mint. 2 months later these are still appearing, disappearing and reappearing at random. Ugh.

Clearance already?! Oh no... How come GB never gets the grand treatment the other brands do?!

I’m sure it would have been a massive filling of the shelves if the movie was still happening in a week. Unfortunately Hasbro couldn’t delay shipping these, which Walmart may or may not restock once March arrives. Hopefully the as-yet- UNrevealed Afterlife stuff will manage to hold a noticeable chunk of space!
By RixMagic88
I agree that it's smart not to get the hopes up, but man I really hope they do. They don't have to re-release the while series but there basics like that would be radical
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By deadderek
Coover5 wrote:I'm hoping we'll hear about a repro Kenner firehouse and Ecto. Not that i expect them but I'm hoping for them.
Not gonna happen.
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