Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
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By Prime 1986
They also showed some toys at the Nuremberg toy fair a few weeks ago. Everyone had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement apparently.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Ghostbusters News just mentioned that Hasbro will be live streaming their 2020 product line up via the Hasbro Pulse Facebook page this Saturday. I cannot wait to see what they have for their Ghostbusters line up.
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By GBfan_CH
My god.

Wonder if this devalues the complete set I’ve got in my loft. Either way put me down for a crate of these!
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By GBfan_CH
Oh those green Venkman eyes that make him look possessed... the proton gun handle that breaks on the third use... Phelan Porteous may need new pants when he learns about these.
By Wiggyof9
The close up on Venkman from the Plasma series is... not terrible but not great. I would say it is better than the Matty stuff, but not as good as the GB2 DST head. It's jut a bit... soft... Also, something seems weird with the waist. The lack of paint details is unfortunate and leaves the jumpsuit a little flat. The name badge is WAY too raised up from the chest and the lettering looks super small compared to the badge. The sculpt, other than the face, is pretty solid. I do wonder what they did and did not paint on the proton pack. We can already see a lack of paint details on the straps. Also, the feet are swapped but I assume that is just a prototype issue.

If I never bought the Matty and DST stuff I would be very happy with what I see. As it stands now, I am not really seeing anything that makes me seriously want to start a 3rd line of GB figures, especially a line that has a terror dog as a BaF... a figure that EVERY fan would want 2 of that requires you to buy an entire 2nd set of figures....
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By Wiggyof9
Prime 1986 wrote: February 21st, 2020, 5:24 pm I'd buy the Plasma Series only if they make an Ecto-1 for them.
Well, they did make the packs removable based on the boxed figures in the back so you may get your wish.

Edit: Frankly, all I really want from a Ghostbusters line at this point are GHOSTS! Ghosts other than Slimer, Stay Puft, Terror Dogs, Gozer, Vigo, etc. Give me ghosts we have not seen from the game, movies, and cartoons. Give me fully articulated Scoleri Brothers. Give me a full sized theater ghost with wings. Give me a full sized Subway ghost. Give me some of the ghosts that were only in concept art that didn't make it into the movie.

Also, I am really surprised the first wave has all of the GBs in it. I wonder what wave two will bring? Maybe that is where we get more ghosts. At the very least I expect to see Slimer in it.
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By Peter Venkman Jr.
Defiantly getting the Real Ghostbusters reissues for my collection. Also since I have two nephews and a niece, I would like to save up to purchase them a few things. I let them play with my Playmobil Ghostbusters toys whenever they visit. The boys especially like the Ecto 1A.
By AlTheRelic
I always wanted a Ghostbusters movie action figure set done in Kenner style. Since I was a kid I always wanted to have the Real Ghostbusters get a visit from another dimension, a visit by the movie Ghostbusters. I'm now living the dream. I love the Plasma Series, those are must guys. I love the Ghostbusters 3 pop out seat, I always thought it evoked the spirit of Kenner since the original Ecto-1 had a seat in the top of the roof. The props are cool to look at, I appreciate they're in existence, but not geared toward us but made for kids, that's fine. All in all. 2020 might just be the greatest Ghostbusters toy year in the history of ever.
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By SpaceBallz
I heard the RGB figures were up for preorder somewhere but I cant find a link.
By grantofkings
SpaceBallz wrote:I heard the RGB figures were up for preorder somewhere but I cant find a link.
They were listed hit never available. But then the links disappeared this morning.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
The re-issued Kenner Real Ghostbusters action figures are Wal Mart exclusives. Wal was suppose to be taking pre-orders for them(they go on sale in the spring) at 4:00pm yesterday. So far the link have not been put up. Hopefully soon, the link will be up and running.
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By below_radar_00
SpaceBallz wrote: February 23rd, 2020, 11:38 am I heard the RGB figures were up for preorder somewhere but I cant find a link.
Zavvi was the website I kept seeing. Here's the link: ... eleaseDate

Prices are a tad higher and it ships from the UK from what I can gather but probably not a bad option for anyone that doesn't want to wait on Walmart to get their stuff in order.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
The Animated Ghostbusters Costumers Coalition( A Facebook group that is decated to cosplay of both The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, and I am a member of) just had a group member share a link to Wal Mart .com where you can pre-order the re-issued Real Ghostbusters action figures. I tested it myself and it is working. Here is the link: ... Oe3ALN2O5A
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By SpaceBallz
Aaaand the RGB line is sold out. Wtf. Damn scalpers.
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By deadderek
Idk I have difficulty believing the scalpers hit that hard. The time they went live was unannounced and within minutes ALL the GB groups on social media lit up like Christmas. I feel the majority were actual fans.
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