Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
The Ghostbusters panel will be on September 26 and split into 3 parts. Here's info from the PR mailers:

Join us as we celebrate the Ghostbusters franchise in a three-part panel filled with HUGE surprises and reveals!

Part 1: Classic Ghostbusters

Panelists: Ernie Hudson, Hasbro Ghostbusters Brand Team

We’ll begin by celebrating the iconic 1984 film. Tune in for ghostly surprises, classic toy news, and a visit from a very special guest: Ernie Hudson, otherwise known as Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters! Get ready to hear him answer your fan questions!

Part 2: The Making of Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Toys

Panelists: Mark Boudreax, Hasbro Ghostbusters Brand Team

We’ll continue our journey through the 80’s with an inside look at the making of The Real Ghostbusters toys from original Kenner toy designer, Mark Boudreaux. Next, you’ll see behind the scenes of sculpting with Dave. Finally, meet the Hasbro team that relaunched the Kenner Real Ghostbusters toys in 2020. Hear about how they answered the call to bring this beloved toy line back for the fans and be the first to see the next Kenner Real Ghostbusters toy to hit shelves!

Part 3: Ghostbusters Afterlife

Panelists: Jason Reitman, Hasbro Ghostbusters Brand Team

We’ll end our celebration with a nod to the future… the new Ghostbusters Afterlife feature film, coming to theatres in March 2021. Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-winning filmmaker Jason Reitman, director of Ghostbusters Afterlife, will take you on a tour of the Ecto-1 that was used in the new film. He’ll end his tour with an exciting reveal! You’ll then hear from the Hasbro team about the next toy inspired by the Ghostbusters Afterlife film to hit shelves!
Ecto-1 is very likely, but a Firehouse would be incredible! Even with the weird Walmart release fiasco and delayed Wand shipping all this that Hasbro is doing with the line is incredible! The fact that more product is planned beyond what we have already seen is a VERY good sign!
By ccv66
I think kenner ecto1 would be a great. But they are already making an kids ecto1 in that scale and a kids proton pack. I don't think they'll make 2 version of the same thing. (They should) They do need a firehouse. It fills a need in the line and big on the nostalgic. Could sell it to adult collectors and kids. I also don't believe they have a kids trap yet. Hard to beat the kenner trap. Those things got thrashed and still work 30 years later
Not gonna happen.
By GK45
Starting in a few minutes, get your buts over.
EDIT: Tenacious D is running long, 5 minutes now. Looks like he's got at least 1 or 2 songs left. So don't worry if you're running late, nothing missed.
EDIT2: Ok, we're getting started 8 minutes late.
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So the 2 Pulse Con exclusives was a Kenner Ghost Popper (Wal-Mart exclusive pre-order starting at 5PM EST) and a GB: Afterlife Plasma Series 1:18 scale Ecto-1 (Target exclusive available for pre-order at 5PM EST)
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By hutto
navalhyperspace wrote: September 26th, 2020, 1:43 pm The Plasma Series Ecto-1 isn't even compatible with the Plasma Series figures, yet has the "action feature" of the pop-out gunner chair? WTF? :sigh:
It's not? The renders showed the figures in there.

Edit: Theres some windshield glare that looks like a figure.
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By ccv66
Just guessing ecto probably 1/18 and the figures are about 1:12. It would be really big to fit the figures , the mock-up that Matty collector had was pretty huge. Kind of feels like a swing-and-a-miss for Hasbro

They spent a lot of time talking to Ernie about the proton pack, I was sure that would be the Plasma reveal.

They also spent a lot of time talking about the classic Fright Features range, and even Fearsome Flush, Bug Eye etc. This was the coolest part of the conference. I was sure they were going to announce retro Fright Features figures with Flush, Bug Eye and maybe Slimer since they had the mold shown in a video.

So, the Ghost Popper, whilst cool, was not what I was personally hoping for.

The Plasma "Wreck"to-1 was also pretty cool, and I don't own an Ecto... but will wait to see the price, it looked a little lacking in detail with the rust decals kinda standing out, and I expect they will re-spray the same model for a classic version at some point.

Overall, I'm still more interested in those new Fright Features ghosts they previewed earlier in the year, but I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes with the Kenner creators.
Well... not much of a reveal from Hasbro. Rather disappointing. I guess this was to be expected with the new movie not happening until March. I guess everything GB is still in a holding pattern.

I was really hoping for some RGB Plasma series stuff. As of right now, the Plasma series is still just sticking to the original movie universe.

The Ecto-1 being 1/18 scale.... so disappointing. It was a must buy when I thought it was 1/12, but 1/18th? Come on....

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