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By GaudinosWheels
I’m aware this may be akin to asking for a pound of gold dust but I’ll ask anyway: Would anyone know how I can get hold of one of the Mattel Ghost Traps at all?

Nothing doing on eBay and as most of the other props appear to be on there, am I right in thinking the traps are rare?

I’m in the UK if that helps.

Thank you.
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By l3w1sb159
Yeah the Matty traps are pretty rare now. I saw one on ebay a few months ago for about 700 quid. So when they do appear in the wild they are bloody expensive.

Hopefully though the new run of hasbro ghostbusters stuff will bring out a similar trap soon
By GaudinosWheels
Thanks, seen a used one on FB for £500. Obviously a risk buying second hand at that price though.

Are they actually decent or is the fact they are so rare that drives the price up? Or a little of both?
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By Kingpin
They are pretty decent. Whilst the lights present for the trapping sequence will never compare to the effects seen in the film, what sells the prop is the movement and lighting effects that play out after the "ghost" has been trapped.

Plus the fact it was activated by a reasonable approximation of the foot pedal was a nice touch.
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By Ecto24601
I love my matty trap. Always wanted a trap that looks and feels the real deal. Never triggered the "special" though, but I don't want to force it by using the test mode. They are rare due to only one production run ever made (wonder what the numbers are-10,000?), the way they were sold and their quality. A real keeper.

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