Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
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By Kingpin
Various figures have appeared in charity shops/thrift stores in the past, though the frequency is getting less and less due to people either hanging on to their vintage figures, or collectors/collectible shops picking them up whenever they find them.

Your better bet may be with collectible stores... But then you'll be looking to pay a whole lot more for them.

Why is sourcing them online not an option?
I’d love to get into collecting the packaged kenner figures - I managed to snag a Fright Features Egon. Would quite like the Green Ghost with Proton pack and some of the Super FF range but the only place I see them is on ebay occasionally for £100+ a piece.
I have found a number of toy/ collectible sellers online seeing both carded and loose vintage Real Ghostbusters action figures.
Depending on what your looking for it should not be difficult to find them. I managed to find a first series (1986) Peter Venkman loose and complete for around $15.00, back in 2007 from a toy seller online.

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