By RickH
Well I ran it through the dye process about 3 times today but it didn't really work that well. Nomex is pretty hard to dye! I think it does look a little bit lighter, but not grey. I'm happy to leave it as is for now, though, otherwise it won't match the rest of the group.

After it dries I'll put the patches on and see how it looks. I also put all the labels on my Pack today.
By Ryusui
Thanks for the feedback on your dye process, Rick.
So that was with the Dyson gray dye? I wonder if the Rit might make a difference.
By AMC78
Hey Rick have you noticed any suit shrinkage after that process, you used real hot water too yeh? I have some black RIT dye ready, that's what I'm going to use if I go the dye route. Just waitng to see how yours goes hehe.
By RickH
Yeah that was with Dyson. I actually used a little bit of black in the last time as well. I think it's because all the flame-proof shit didn't come off in the wash. I don't have a dryer and I can't say I've ever seen those conditioner sheets that SolidGoldCaddy talked about.

My suit was kinda tight to start with but I don't think it shrunk any. I was afraid of that as well, to be honest! But the hot water didn't make a difference.

I've seen another suit by Carter Industries (that's the same as your's isn't it, AMC?) on Ebay that's 42s. It might be a bit baggier so I put a bid on it.
By AMC78
Yeah Rick I wasnt sure if your suit was a different brand because the colour of the tan suits for sale in all the auctions I bought mine in look a little more true to GB colour. Fingers crossed its the same in real life as the pic. When it arrives I'll let you know. Good to know you didnt experience any shrinkage though.
By AMC78
Ok so the suit arrived today, it fits like it was custom made, V happy. treasure-hunter59 was the ebay seller I bought it from, excellent service if you guys need one. Also seller hoobub is excellent too as he helped me get the right size even though he didnt have the size needed in stock. Both sell used and new nomex suits. ... X:SELLERID

Rick, as for the colour, mine is made by carter industries as you know already and I mean if you are in sunlight it looks tan, in the shade it looks alot more neutral in colour. You never really see the outfits in direct daylight, Also I did a bit of a test and turned on the webcam and looked at the colour, it looks quite grey so Im really leaning to not colouring at this stage as the links I posted before with Ernie etc don't look that grey to me. Since the suit is a nice even colour I might go for the if it ain't broke ideal on this one. Let me know how the colour of the one you bid on compares to the one you won weeks back.
By RickH
I got my stuff from MMM in the mail today. I'm very happy :-)

I got a new utility belt with hose, belt gizmo, and key ring. Also some urethane hoses and resin pieces for my Pack. I might need to order a couple more brass unions now, which i probably should've done with this order.

Gotta go out and get some Testers model paint tomorrow so I can paint up the resin parts.

I'm hoping my new bigger flight suit arrives in the next week or two.
By AMC78
Hey Rick also I have been washing the suit a bit when there's a light coloured wash on. Use fabric softener, thats the same crap as those sheets, it takes that 'sheen' off the fabric. I got 2 packs of pearl grey RIT in the mail the other day too, will have a go this w/e hopefully. My bumper is being fixed for the pack. got the boots in the mail 2 days back, it's kinda all getting there. I saw that dyson brand in Belrose but they didnt have a grey one in stock so I am going to stick to rit, have a few goes at dying it. I'll let you know how I go. The MMM stuff is pretty good. How much more pack work do you have to do?
By RickH
Not much at all, really. I have to re-make the HDA tomorrow because the holes I drilled into it previously are too big for the SMC elbows. That shouldn't take too long.

Today I attached all the tubing that I got from MMM, and painted up the resin parts and stuck them on. It's looking really good now. I'd like to compare it to your's and Ben's, but I think they'd all be very similar in dimension so they should look good together.
By AMC78
Hey I saw you have some sort of spring action going in the barrel, you got an extending tip installed?
By RickH
Nah unfortunately I couldn't make it work with the light kit installed. My barrel still slides in and out, but it's not spring loaded.
By RickH
Got my new suit in the mail today. Much happier with this one, good fit.
By AMC78
So you going to use dyson again? I'm still waiting for some larger pads to arrive so I can chuck them in the rit bath with the suit.
By RickH
I don't think I'll bother this time. I'm just gonna wash it a few times to break it in. I don't like the idea of wasting $8 a pop on dye packets when the last suit didn't work that well anyway.
By AMC78
Try adding more fabric softner when you wash it. Repeat a couple of times then dye it, should take the colour better? Mine has lost that coated sheen it had when it arrived, wish my pads would hurry up and arrive so I can get this dye job done and post up some pics for you to check out but we have a few weeks yet. Are they paying servicemen peanuts or what? What's this country come to when a man can't afford to dye his GB coveralls c'mon!! :shock:
By RickH
I've washed it every night this week and used about 1lt of fabric softener all up. So hopefully this time I've got all of the flame retardant stuff off. I'll have another crack at dying it tomorrow.

This nomex stuff seems to dry really fast after washing. I can almost wear it straight out of the washing machine after a spin cycle.

On another note, which No Ghost patches have you guys got? I've got one from, but I've also got one from Trading Company. They differ in size slightly.
By AMC78
Hey Rick

I have name and arm patches from captainamerca on ebay, they look the business. I've noticed the quick drying of nomex aswell. The no ghost circle is 3.5" in diameter on mine.
By RickH
Cool, mine's 3.5" as well. I just finished sewing on my name patch and leg tube plug.
By RickH
I did a fair bit of work today. Firstly my proton pack fell over the other night and the gun mount broke off (at least the gun didn't break). Kinda sucked, but at least it gave me the opportunity to remake the mount using Stephan and V71's plans. And since I was remaking the mount anyway, I took the HDA off and am re-doing that as well! Almost finished, just have to paint them and screw them back onto the proton pack.

I'm trying to "convention-proof" my pack, so hopefully nothing's gonna break on the day.

And in between waiting for glue and primer to dry I managed to stitch the GB patch on my uniform. Originally I tried to glue it on using craft glue like I did with my old uniform but it didn't work very well at all. So about 90 minutes with a needle and thread did the trick.

I'll take some photos later of the progress.
By RickH
Some photos from today:




I've got a little bit of painting and finishing to do, but I'm pretty happy with it now. Hopefully it'll come home in one piece after the convention.
By AMC78
All coming along. How sturdy is it, will you have a no touching clause? :wink: When you did your MMM order did you get the ribbon cable too? Maybe on the day we should bring some glue just incase we need some maintenance done to the packs hehe. I'm wondering about gluing some of my wires inplace as they can pop out quite easily ie the ones up top near the gun mount.
By AMC78
Dude, must have glazed over the post where you said you dropped it. Bit hungover today hehe. Man that's my worst fear ever. Well when I say ever, I used to have nightmares nearly every other night that my car would get nicked because it wasn't garaged when I first got it but this one may manifest eventually lol, already had a broken bumper, booster frame and gun ear in transit.
By AMC78
Also forgot to say, I have a set of proton pack stickers on the way so if you need one for the side of the gun mount the round high press oxygen servicing one, you can have it.
By RickH
Nah I didn't order the ribbon cable. I had a go at making my own GB1 style cable. It looks a bit homemade, but it suits the dodgy look of my pack anyway.

It's fairly sturdy now. I put an L bracket underneath the Ion Arm to hold it on there, and I need to put another one on the powercell lights. The gun mount now has 4 big wood screws holding it on. Most of the damage comes from bumping into doorways when wearing it, hehe.

Hey if you can spare a sticker that'd be great, 'preciate it :)
By ode2kenobi
Looks awesome Ric, sux about the dropping! one of my fears too, my other is drunk friends wanting to put it on lol
By AMC78
Ben just tell them "the proton pack isn't a toy" :wink:

Rick, do you want me to bring the label on the day or post it out when it's here?
By RickH
Just bring it on the day I reckon, thanks Andrew.

I finished touching up the pack this morning, and added another L-bracket to the powercell. There's nothing more to do, I'm bored now! hehe.

Maybe soon I'll start working on a "buck" so I can try molding and fibreglassing a shell. Always wanted to try that.
By AMC78
Hey Rick,

Re the nomex, after the fabric softner treatment and multiple washes it seemed not THAT much better. So it's been going through the wash every time we do a black wash and to be honest that uber tan look it had when I got it looks toned down and flatter in colour, l am actually liking it.
By Magnus Darcrider
Greetings & Salutations,

I'm a newbie here, but this seemed to be the best place to post this question.

I've been looking at getting a nomex flight suit for the uniform, but I'm concerned about heat levels. I live in Brisbane, and the majority of the conventions here are when it's still very warm; or at least very humid, which can be worse. So naturally I'm worried about passing out from heat exhaustion whilst wearing a nomex flightsuit and carrying all the other equipment!

Now, would a polycotton flightsuit be a better option on that basis. I've looked around on eBay, but had some trouble finding the right size; they're either too big or too small for me. I did find this from a supplier I trust however:

Now would something like that be the way to go, or will the nomex suit be alright hor hotter/humid climates?

Thanks in advance.

Be seeing you.
By RickH
Polycotton would probably retain the heat more than a Nomex would. Bear in mind that RAAF aircrew in the middle east wear tan Nomex flightsuits, sometimes on 50 degree days. Just make sure you hydrate regularly and you shouldn't have a problem.

If you're looking for Nomex, Ebay is the best and cheapest source. Try to get the next size up from what you'd normally wear.
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