AJ Quick wrote:That's up to you guys..

I'm doing my part. (Just need the video game boxset and I'm all caught up.) :cool:
I've only sold 5 of the super rare Amazon.com Ghostbusters Video Game Minimates...
The Amazon set is rare? Its available on DST's and Toys R Us' sites.
I'm not stocking up on them, but I have bought almost every single set.. but then I bought them a month and a half before you also had them in the store here, I think. Only things I haven't bought are the boxed sets, because of the duplicates. I hate marketing and intentionally making comsumers buy more of the same.

BTW, have you guys seen the new lego firehouse being released this month? I was looking at it, and depending on the included parts, you shoulod be able to put together a decent GB firehouse from it.
i'm doing my part. so far i have the series 1 & 2 two-packs, the comic-con 2 pack, the PX 2-pack, and the best of slimer two pack. i plan on picking up the GBTVG set tomorrow maybe at my local comic book shop and i wanna get slimed peter and the library ghost when my TRU gets more in stock.
BradRedfield wrote:The Amazon set is rare? Its available on DST's and Toys R Us' sites.
I hadn't heard of anyone getting them. As far as I knew I thought the shipment I got was the first shipment..
Just read this interview with art asylum about minimates.. here are the relavant excerpts:
Luke Porter: I was wondering if your Ghostbusters license include vehicles? I would love to see an Ecto-1 in your new Minimates MAX vehicles line!

DSTChuck: The current GB license does not include vehicles.
Dear Art Asylum, I have a couple of questions:
1: Have you considered making an Ecto-1 for Minimates?
2: Have you considered making slime packs for Ghostbusters?
3: Have you considered a “make Your own Minimates” set?
4: when can we expect the Minimates DeLorean to come out Thanks, Zack

DSTChuck: Yes we have considered the slime pack. There are some on the team that are really pushing for it. We need to balance the desire to do every possible figure with this line with the depth of demand. In the past DST has at times made the mistake of going maybe one wave too far and we do not want to do that with GB.
Senior Rodriguez
I saw the new Minimates vehicles, and they look AWESOME!! Are they going to be packed with new minis and are you going to make the Ghostbusters ecto-1?

DSTChuck: Glad you like the designs. The full idea of the vehicles and what we want to do will be more evident with series 2.
Looks like they sidestepped the minimate ecto question several times, and confirmed they are still working on new series, while casting a indication the end is near as well. Mix o good tidbits and bad I guess.
It depends on paint ops.. the minimate ghostbusters themselves looked just ok, until they added unique hair, and detailing.
Its hard to say.. I'm guess we'll see the last release in the series sometime this summer, or early fall.
Ha! And I thought my diorama was big! Nice job with the fresco doors!
featofstrength wrote:
joeghostbuster wrote:nice to see my firehouse in there too! any chance you can upload the graphics you used to make the temple?
just cut and pasted some images from these 2 posts...thanks to all those who shared.
http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 37&t=16625
http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 62&start=0
thanks! I havent seen any of these graphics (except for the temple model that was for auction) think this will be my next big project - I dont have the playset to work off of, but maybe I'll build my own building roof and temple using foamcore...
Check out the new Lego Atlantis temple... it even has a middle staircase and 2 hinged gates.
Legos ain't cheap.. that Indy set you are talking about was $99 I think. Our gozer temple playset is made from probably $300-$400 worth of megabloks.

Its a tradeoff like anything else of money vs skill/creation time.

I'm kinda wanting something more accurate myself now... maybe some custom doors for my current set?
Ive already started - I visited the links feat posted and saved all the reference pics of the temple and its doors... I was gonna make it in scale to the minimates, but the doors themselves would be something like 8" wide and 10" high (so each side of the door would be 4") but I scaled it down to 6" wide and 7" high and started drawing the details of the door - Im not sure how Im going to achieve the gold color though...
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