By Gareee
Croesus wrote:*Sigh*... proof that people dont actually read threads lol...

Here it is again for you lot that missed it!


New pack coming soon...
Maybe change the title with the addition: "New link in post 21"?
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By Croesus
Sorry this is so late guys, had a massive brain melt last week... old family stuff

I wasn't able to get into the game to record anything coz of this whole mess but I did find 2 clean Stay Puft roars and I uploaded the looping PKE stuff. When I get sorted out, I will get the rest! I promise!

Still trying for that trap sound lol

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By Croesus
lol thanks guys.

Nah, no luck on the trap so far :(

Problem is... that when you actually activate the trap in game... you have to use your thrower and that obscures the trap sound so I cant get at it. I've recently had an idea though and am actively looking into it, the plan is to some how record a 5.1 surround sound audio stream from the PS3 version which will split the sound effects into 6 audio channels...

Front Left
Front Right
Back Left
Back Right

So for example... the thrower might be in the front left/right channels and the trap might end up in the back channels somewhere. That would make it easier to extract the sounds because they have been divided into 6 rather than the 2 channel stereo output.

I know that probably doesn't make up sense to most of you but I'm working on it lol - I'm not the best at explaining things :(
By Gareee
Clever idea. We recently upgraded our home theater system to 7.1, and know exactly what you are after. What editing software separates into 5 channels though? I've only seen things seperated into 2, but it does make sense something should allow you to get at those individual channels.
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By Croesus
LoL thanks Gareee, it should work (In Theory)

I'm trying to record directly into a 5.1 AC3 file, once thats done... I can use something like headac3he to decompile each channel into seperate .wav files. I've heard that the latest version of adobe soundbooth can record multichannel audio as well so that might make it possible to record 7.1 directly from the PS3. I'm off all this week so i'll do some head scratching and see what I can come up with.
By Gareee
I have soundbooth, and can check it out, if ya want. never fired it up yet though. (Came in the adobe master collection cs5)
By Foom Man
Let me ask you this: would it be possible to get the sounds directly from the PC version of the game? Aren't there sound files in the install folder, or is that a dumb question and you guys have already tried that?
By Gareee
Sometimes things like that are encrypted, so you can't just rip them out.
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By Croesus
You actually can get the sound files from the PC version but the bad news is... They are .smp files which no one but terminal reality has a codec for :( meaning no one but them can play or edit the files.
By Gareee
Yeah I reinstalled the PC version today to check, and no love there.
By Foom Man
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By Croesus
GhostGuy wrote:Why, whatever could this be! (Alt. site)

Oh my freakin Lord GhostGuy! thank you!

well thats my week free'd up lol!

Gotta ask, how the crap did you get these? Is there a new converter out there or did someone write a new codec for these?

btw i'll upload these this afternoon and keep them on my webspace so people can rape and pillage all they want :)
By GhostGuy
Croesus wrote: Oh my freakin Lord GhostGuy! thank you!

well thats my week free'd up lol!

Gotta ask, how the crap did you get these? Is there a new converter out there or did someone write a new codec for these?

I don't know whether these are new or not, but I did a whole lot of googling and following various links on forums and finally arrived at this tool to extract them:

Then I did a whole bunch more googling and found this to process .smp files, which is supposedly some kind of Winamp codec:

I downloaded the latest version in the directory and followed the instructions, but I couldn't get it to work with Winamp at all whether the dlls were in the plugin directory or in the Winamp directroy. Luckilly the downloaded also included test.exe, a command line convertor, which required the following ogg vorbis dlls in the directory with it:

I then tested that out, and it worked, but it could only convert one file at a time, and I wasn't about to type in every filename by hand, but I remembered back in my DOS days that there are commands you can use in batch files to perform an operation on all files of a certain type in a directory.

So, using a reference page on Microsoft's website and after a whole bunch of trial and error because they don't make it obvious enough that batch file variables need two % signs while variables used from the command line require only one, I finally came up with this, which you can just stick in a batch file and execute to have it perform the operation on all .smp files in a sound\ subdirectory and put the resulting wavs in a wav\ subdirectory, both of which you'll need to create in advance:

for %%F in (sound\*.smp) do test.exe -o wavs\%%~nF.wav %%F
By GhostGuy
Foom Man wrote:Are these the only "official" trap SFX out there now? I'm not complaining- far from it. I'm just curious.
As far as I know, that's it. As long as you're referring to the ones I accidentally included in with the pack sounds. The above actually contains sounds for the supertrap on the ecto only.
By Gareee


Since this is the ONLY available source for TVG sounds, it might be a good idea to relocate the traps sounds where they belong, and create fresh links.

I'm thinking 6 months from now, when people repost the links, but not the actual thread, where this is detailed at. (Especially since the trap sounds are labeled as "proton trap" as opposed to "trap" in the name.)

I had to root around to locate them, since the naming is wrong. (Not your fault, the actual game used naming.)

Also, the slimer sounds would come in good for a prop slimer, with something to play them in a loop.

This is a fantastic sound resource you've scored for us! Thanks!
By GhostGuy
I can't change the original links because I uploaded them wtihout registering for an account on Megaupload. As such, they might dissapear in a month or two if they become inactive; so someone may wish to mirror them. Whoever does that can move the sound files into the proper zips.

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