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By irricanian
Any new news on this Colin? After this friday my money is squerriled away and waiting for you lol.
I'm still waiting on my laser cutter to get the cosmetic plating done, thats all thats holding up releasing the first 8 kits. I'm going to call him again tomorrow for an update.

Hang tough :lol:
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By irricanian
Update: I have pricing from the laser cutters on the trap plating, problem is they are busy right now with some bigger orders so he's told me it's going to take a little while to get them done.

The trap plate set has 7 pieces ( 2 large side plate, 2 small side plates, 1 front plate, 1 indicator plate and 1 battery box plate)

**Optional will be the aluminum rail slides which is a 6 piece set so the cartridge can slide out.

There will also be a cheaper option with styrene plating and rail slides to keep the cost down.

I'll likely release the first 8 trap kits now with all the parts (minus the plating) and I will send the plating out once it comes in. This way the trap can be mostly built and ready to put the plating on.

I'll be contacting those on the list soon.
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By Lewis Tully
Overall (I don't need exact dimensions) but are the GB 1, and GB 2 traps the same size? One looks smaller on your page. Might just be my imagination... If they are different, what is the size difference??? (Like I said, I don't need exact measurements. A simple "This one is bigger than that one" would suffice...) Thanks!!!

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