mburkit wrote:Which shot do you see this in? It always seemed to me the discs on the EDA were like pop outs from a metal hole punch, or something.

You can kind of see it here. It almost looks like it was tried to be covered over or something.
mburkit wrote:Its possible.

theres only one way to find out. VinC go back in there and scratch it with sand paper !
Still, some pretty great shots despite the glass barrier, it's interesting to look back at the quality of all the reference photos this site has, and see how the camera technology has developed over the time.

Thanks for getting them guys, there's some great new bits of reference amongst them... I quite like the setup they had for the power switch.
Brilliant photos guys... it's bitter sweet though. Great to see the actual props, but such a shame to see they are in such poor condition!

Yeah I know... 20+ years old n'all that... I'm not saying I didn't expect them to be a bit battered, just a shame that they are!
Studios don't really care about the stuff used in movies, the bottom line is how much money they can make back. In the end everything just gets tossed around. Even big ticket items like the Ecto, or the DMC time machine either become scrap or if lucky they get auctioned.

That's why our fan made stuff usually has a bit more TLC in their construction and upkeep.
Props loose all value in the eyes of the studio once the shot using them is done. I remember an anectode about the robotic arm in T2 when Arnold remove the skin from his arm... Cameron was asking the crew to add more blood on the arm, then the prop maker told him that if he kept doing that, the arm would stop working. Cameron answered him something like "Who cares? As long as it works long enough for my shot. After that we'll throw it away anyway."

For guys like us, this is pure torture. :P
cowbybill wrote:Thanks For the fantastic pictures..I do have one question though..Whats that blue thing in the wand tip?
Yeah, like Vince said, its a single use flash bulb. It's there to make an initial flash when the gun is fired for the special effects guys to know when to start the animations of the gun. There's also seems to be some strobes within the barrel. It LOOKS like the red push button and orange hat light are wired up to the flash bulb.
Vincenzo330 wrote:
GhostGuy wrote:I wonder why the number 12 is stamped on the ribbon cable clamp?
From up close it actually looks like its embossed, stamped from behind. I couldn't figure that one out either. That's the only pack I've noticed it on.

It could be a material stamp; 12 gauge aluminum is nominally .0808" thick, which isn't far off the accepted 1/16" thickness.
The number on the ribbon cable clamp seems to appear on at least one more pack, but this second one i noticed it on is just the foam stunt pack from the Planet Hollywood NY reference pics. Not sure if its a 12 too but it kinda looks so:
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