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By klooloo
Hey Ector, did you use fray-stop or a cigarette lighter when you cut off the excess, or did you just leave it raw? I'm concerned about the material unravelling. Nothing more unattractive than a Ghostbuster with loose thread issues!
By The Stiff
kngfu wrote:I just received these in the mail today: ... K:MEWNX:IT

I bit snug, but for the price I will make them work.
I have the same ones, same size. They are quite small (even on guys with scrawny arms :sigh: ) but you can stretch them out on a large bottle. I used a bleach bottle, and left them on it for a week, then turned them inside out, and did it again. They're still a little tight, but I can wear them without fearing that my circulation in my arms will be cut off. :)
By bobob
got myself a pair of Century Judo Kneepads. from this address: came next day. And i got a discount code with the order for any orded over 35.00 pounds enter code OSVC anf get 5.00 pounds discount. if you need a few pairs of pads or anything else.
By Hasford1978
A quick question how do some of you guys get the two-tone gray colour for your pads, what i mean is look at the pads from the first movie, in most scenes its like the bubble part is much darker than the elasticated part or vice versa

My pads are a nice even gray but i would like to achieve this "two tone" look?

Also some of the elbow pads ive seen on here seem to have been darkened within the grooves, how do i go about doing this? Ive tried to use like a sharpie but felt tips just dont take to the material

By XenuPrime
Here are my century pads from karatesupply.


If you look at the gooves in the pad, you can see where I put a little fray check.

They did not come out as dark as I wanted so they took another bath in boiling RIT (black liquid) for another hour.

By mrimagination
I've also purchased the Century pads and I think they look really good so far. You can check a write up I did here:

I just need to turn them Grey which I think will work best with Acrylic paint watered down. The Century Pads were good because the martial arts company that offers them also has an outlet here in Canada so two days later I got them. Color me impressed.

You can find links to the retailer in the article I wrote (linked above)
By mrimagination
So here's my century pads after the first 'Dip'


I used craft quality acrylic paint, you can find it from any craft store or dollar store. I'm still waiting for them to dip, as they're fairly thick I suspect it'll take some time. All in all I'm very pleased.

Now, I'm noticing that a lot of the fellas are trimming the pads down.. but I'm leary of doing that as it'll make the fabric fray. What's the general consensus of this?
By The Stiff
If you cut them, you can hem a fold underneath, but that may cause them to be too tight.

You can also apply a product called Dritz Fray Check. It seals the edges to prevent them from fraying.
dtblack wrote:So I got my century pads today and found removing the logo to be quite troublesome. I used a razor blade and tried to be as careful as possible but it didn't seem possible to get it off without messing up the bubble a bit. Is this normal or do I just really suck? It seemed to be quite stubbornly on there unlike jbaker's. I had bought two pairs, so if anyone has any suggestions before I attempt to do the second one it would be appreciated.
It took me a few minutes of picking at the label to get the hang of it. Then I held the razor blade at top and bottom using my finger and thumb, and using one fluid motion was able to slice each label off in one go. It's just a matter of getting slightly under the logo, there's an area where it's a mixture of glue and the surface of the pad, it should come right off without damaging the suface.

Also +1 for the Rit method. I used a small bucket and about a quarter of a packet of black Rit dye. Left it in for 2 hours and stirred it occasionally.
By Cinnamon B
kngfu wrote:I just received these in the mail today: ... K:MEWNX:IT

I bit snug, but for the price I will make them work.

Aww, man, they don't ship to Canada. What an awful turn of events.

I have been completely unable to find pads in canada. I have some junky stand ins if my search fails, but I'll keep looking. To be honest, I don't want to pay $30. I know, cheap, but I just bought a Nomex and a Alice LC2 with straps, so it's hard to justify it (especially with me trying to leave my job and go back to school for a phd)

I feel like if I get karatesupply ones, in 2 weeks I'll be talking myself into dropping 200 on boots. Slippery slope. :walterpeck:
By Cinnamon B
Actually, last night I stumbled on a pair that are almost perfect, they just have a set of extra little triangles around the bubble, squaring out the bubble. I bought them, and when I'm done with 'em they'll look the part.
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By parksdesign
Here's where I got the pads to produce my Elbow pad run. ... 57323.html

Eventually, I'll post a tutorial on how I got them to the proper gray.
By T16skyhopp
Dye did not work that well for me (followed instructions on page 2). Almost white again after washing. Also the fabric stitched around the bubble too the dye too well and is now pretty much black. Gonna try fabric spray paint next. If that doesn't work, then I will try the acrylic bath. Lame. This is my first attempt and these are smaller pads because they're what was cheap so they just need to look okay and survive this Halloween and then ill work on better ones for next year.
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