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By chadpanther
I liked it! :D Working on getting my suit in this week and getting my pack done by next summer. Maybe we could meet up in the future. :) I am trying to start a Montana division myself. :p
By The Kreator
So far so good! Got a decent following pretty quickly, and hoping to get more folks with costumes, props, etc... to join.

I attended the first Salem showing of Ghostbusters this month, and was the only one in costume and unfortunately the audience consisted of about 20 people tops, including me and my friends. Most people at the theater seemed to be surprised to see a Ghostbuster, with many asking why I was there and had no idea Ghostbusters was even showing!

Apparently, the Portland crowds were much better including a visit by a local Ecto-1 replica. I knew I should've made the drive, but my duties at the Nightmare Factory here in Salem along with other Halloween related projects just didn't allow for the time to get up there.

Still, it was a blast watching the movie in the theater, and always fun to wear the uniform and gear in public. :)

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