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By Ricky
Crix, I finally got the soundmodule and it is a beautiful thing. Thanks SO much for it! now I just have to figure out how to wire it properly to a speaker and the power source and all that. and how to mix the switchers to the light kits.

Anyways man, thanks quite a lot!! highly recommended!
By THEbryon
Fast shipping, and very well packaged also. Thanks man!

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By jimbo7
picked up some flightsuit material from Crix and he shipped it fast. good seller and transaction! thanks man.
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By Skully
When I received my pack and sound kit from Crix it was well packaged in proper electronics manner...shielded bags and bubble wrap..very impressive product and easy to wire up even for and electronics ignorant individual such as myself...will buy from again...
By lannyjack
Ordered lenses from Crix - they shipped fast and in great packaging. The lenses are awesome.
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By TheRockman
Crix is a gentleman ninja. Received my items quickly and in great shape. Thanks again!
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By spark
Received 2 lens kits from Crix. Excellent items and fast shipping. Definitely will do business with again.

By MandoMan
I just received my Portal Gun light and sound kit from Crix, and it is SO worth it! It's amazingly well made, and he obviously put a lot of time into making it. I'm definitely looking forward to any electronics Crix makes in the future!
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By Skully
Ordered both lights, sound and lens set for my pack .and just got the slimeblower sound chip for the scaled down blower im building for my wife , really good work and cant wait for the upcoming light kits.
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By FeinDTacticS
I was so high when I opened my sound chip that I did not understand why these 4 round semi rigid cardboard colored disc's were inside the box with a long rectangle one along with it... then i realized.. i was high and it was my lens kit along with my sound chip!

By c05ta
FeinDTacticS wrote:I was so high when I opened my sound chip that I did not understand why these 4 round semi rigid cardboard colored disc's were inside the box with a long rectangle one along with it... then i realized.. i was high and it was my lens kit along with my sound chip!

Classy, id love to see how the build turns out.

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By RedSpecial
I bought a sound chip from Crix.
Its fantastic :) ! cant wait to install it in my pack
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By goldenhawk
Got the Slime Blower Sound kit. Shipped fast by Kris considering the moving. Also very helpful with locating the amp and speaker shown in the demo video.
By eviltikimonkey
Crix is the best seller I've dealt with on Gbfans since Vincenzo330, well packed, great quality and i cant believe how awesome everything looks!
By TheBigGuy
Ordered and received the pack sound board from Crix several months ago and didn't realize there was a seller feedback board at the time. I just got the thing back out last night after a long hiatus on the build and had the same giddy feelings all over again as the startup sound and the theme song rang through my garage! Great seller!
By Massacci
Made a payment via PayPal for a sound chip from Crix on March 22nd. Since I sent the payment I have recieved no communication at all. Yesterday I sent the same message to him here on gbfans and to his email asking him to confirm that he recieved the payment and to let me know when to expect the chip to be shipped. Today I IMed him asking if he recieved my messages and shortly after I sent the IM he went offline. I can understand if he is busy, but he has already been paid for the product, so I expect communication of some kind.

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By Vincenzo330
March 22nd? And you're already posting negative feedback? Not to mention stalking Crix across GBFans, email AND Facebook.

Congratulations, you're on MY no-sell list. I hope others follow suit.
By Massacci
Because I paid money and didn't hear from the seller for 5 straight days? I apologize, but I've never made these kinds of transactions before, and I was just being overly cautious. The issue has already been resolved, and I retract my former statement. Kris was apparently sick for that point in time and I already made my apology to him, which he gladly accepted. I'm perfectly satisfied with whom I've already done business with, and perhaps I will do bussiness with them in the future. I am grateful for all of those who were kind and helpful to me throughout this proccess, and provided me with their skilled services. Thank you, Kris for your hard work and dedication to giving back to the community.

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By Massacci
Recieved my sound chip today in perfect condition. Thanks again, Kris!

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By Phish4dinner
Still waiting for my $390 refund for a ghost trap purchased over a year ago. Last response I was given was a false promise of shipment of the ”unfinished trap” and some rude remarks. Havent heard back in about 2 months now.. I would highly recommend that any potential buyers use extreme caution when doing business with (heavy props, crix, Kristopher Marshall) who seems to work in a very non professional manner.

I havent had the time yet to pursue this fully yet in the legal system, but I plan on it and have already looked into all the detals. So hopefully bringing this up publically will help push him to make good in the meantime. I can go into more detail but for now lets just see what happens.
By brandanthecarpathian
got my slime blower lights and sound and a spare sound chip and a sound chip and breakoutboard today. everything is top notch as usual.communication was great every step of the way.
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By shodanmark
Has anybody heard from Kris recently? I still have not received my Slime Blower light kit. He said on June 11th he shipped it a few weeks before and would get me the tracking number. I've sent two PM's since and posted in the sale thread but have had no reply.

Slightly worried and anxious...
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