Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By mrmichaelt
That so dope seeing Peter use you know what on the mob.

The lines had me laughing the whole time as I read this one. "Landed on my keys." lol.

Interesting move with the Gris-gris. Guess Burnham does want Egon and Janine together. But part of me wondered if it might come into play with the Eugene problem. They gotta address that sooner than later or another demon-god thing should be able to cross over with all the P.K.E. around.

"Laura Parr"

Got to give it to Jones for that rather obscure RGB reference with the cola sign. Peter should really start listening to the instruments when they don't stop beeping. So it looks Peter-centric but can't help suspect the others will hook up with him in Devil's Bend to battle trucker in part 3 or part 4. Laura was a nice nod to the hitchhiker lore, since I think we can safely assume she's a ghost, too...

EDIT: Wait, was that the Super Slammer on Ecto?

Easter eggs so far
Page One
*Dahlia from "Moaning Stones" is adorned as the head on the float
*Marie Cuttie from "Play Them Ragtime Boos" is in the parade
*Malachi and his band from "Play Them Ragtime Boos" play in the parade
*Marie Laveau's mausoleum in St. Louis Cemetery #1

Page Two
*Ecto-2 is accosted in Lafayette Square
*Peter and Winston are in 'classic' civies from The Real Ghostbusters
*Peter threatens to release the Fort Wayne ghosts from Issue #9

Page Three
*On the table is the recon helicopter from "The Hole in the Wall Gang"
*Next to the helicopter is a bag of Wise Natural Potato Chips, a product seen in Peter's office in the first movie.
*Next to the bag is the unnamed device Peter held in part of the montage from Ghostbusters II
*On the hanging TV screen is the city view of the Activision video game
*In the next panel, the screen shifts to the games infamous Conglaturation screen
*Behind Winston is a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man doll
*Egon is in 'classic civies' from The Real Ghostbusters
*Peter refers to his "bad" line from the first movie when Egon first explains crossing the streams

Page Four
*Peter uses the Mark I Slime Blower and pink slime from Ghostbusters II
*Near the mob is Lafayette's McDonogh Monument

Page Five
*The Garden District is famous of opulent Southern mansions
*Mr. Thibodeaux's mansion is visually inspired by the Gracey Manor from the Disney movie "Haunted Mansion"
*Winston has the KUD Meter from Ghostbusters II
*Egon appears to have the Gamma Rate Meter in one of his hands, a P.K.E. Meter in the other
*The butler is inspired by Ramsley, played by Terrance Stamp, in "Haunted Mansion"
*The foyer is visually based on Disneyland's Haunted Mansion
*Mr. Thibodeaus is visually based on Billy Dee Williams

Page Six
*The Moaning Stones from "Moaning Stones" are on the table by Ray
*Egon asserts Marie Laveau would be well over 200 years old, in reality her age has been in contention. Some posit her birthyear as 1794 others, 1801.
*One of the paintings is of the Hotel Boudreaux from "Play Them Ragtime Boos"

Page Seven
*Near Marie Laveau II is the African Fetish Ghost from "Deadcon I"
*Behind Marie II is the I-10 Highway
*Marie was said to own a snake named Zombi

Page Eight
*St. John's Eve takes place on June 23-24th, the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist.
*Marie Laveau was said to have held ceremonies involving Voodoo ritual on the Bayou St John in New Orleans to commemorate St. John's Eve

Page Nine
*Marie Laveau gives Egon powerful Gris-Gris, a voodoo amulet originating believed to protect the wearer from evil or brings luck. The cloth bag is usually inscribed with verses from the Qur'an and contains a ritual number of small objects, worn on the person.

Page 11
*One of the establishments is named Kishnar's, a reference to Kishnar from "Very Beast Friends"
*Another is named Puma's meow, a play on Cat's Meow - a nightclub in Bourbon

Page 12
*One of the Zombies is Michael Jackson from his Thriller music video, that also involved dancing Zombies
*Egon and Peter refer to the events of Ghostbusters: Infestation.
*Peter mentions the Electric Slide dance move

Page 13
*Ray mentions his store, Ray's Occult Books.

Page 14
*Winston yells, "Shimabuku!" - an ancestor of his animated counterpart from "Moaning Stones"

Page 19
*The Ghostbusters are dressed in civies their animated counterparts wore in "Dairy Farm"
*The Undying One from "Moaning Stones" adorns the address marker
*Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is the address

Page 21
*Peter is dressed like he did in "Camping It Up"
*The Fizz Cola sign references "Jailbusters" when Winston was lured to a Fizz commercial shoot
*Peter refers to Massacre Rocks in Idaho, Death Valley in California and cartoon character Fat Albert
*The IDW comic Road Rage poster is visible again
*Glorp! referes to a comic strip of a rather loveable monster
*Another comic is Tales of the TMNT, in which Tristan Jones wrote for

Page 25
*Peter mentions his mother, just like in The Real Ghostbusters
*Bigfoot from "Camping It Up" is in the bushes

Cover B
*Malachi is in the second E
*Baron Samedi from "Live and Let Die" based on the loa is in the A
*Imps from "Janine's Day Off" is on the desk and by the computer
*A Creature Magazine Peter reads in the "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" title sequence
*Below the postcard is the Hotel Boudreaux
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By TristanJones
Actually the "my mother" line is a direct reference to another road horror flick. ;)

There's also another direct reference to one of my favourite voodoo horror films "A Plague of Zombies" on the cover. I don't have it on hand though to be able to pinpoint it...

There's also a reference to Erik's "Nick Landime" creator owned comic in there I think. Pretty sure it's visible... Might've been in the first part...
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By mrmichaelt
TristanJones wrote:Actually the "my mother" line is a direct reference to another road horror flick. ;)
A nice coincidence then!
There's also another direct reference to one of my favourite voodoo horror films "A Plague of Zombies" on the cover. I don't have it on hand though to be able to pinpoint it...
Yeah, looks like Squire Hamilton's the dude in the first "E" of NEW ORLEANS on the cover.
There's also a reference to Erik's "Nick Landime" creator owned comic in there I think. Pretty sure it's visible... Might've been in the first part...
I think Nick Landime was on a poster obscured by Zeke's register when he was talking to Peter in the diner in Part 2, page 21.
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By cowbybill
I have a quick question about this month's comic.
Was the butler at the mansion drawn to resemble Ramsley the butler in Disney Haunted mansion movie? the film with Eddie Murphy. Because when I first saw him that's all I thought. Also really enjoyed seeing a slime blower being used! BTW if these weren't spoilers I apologize just wanted to be on the safe side
This Post Contains Spoilers
Thanks if anyone knows the answer!
By GBMelnutz
I haven't been on this thread in a while, so this question might have already been answered...
What's the deal with the 1:50 incentive cover to Ghostbusters #9?
We ordered plenty of issues for our shop by the deadline and so far nothing.
I emailed IDW directly and have had no response and that was over 6 weeks ago.
Our Diamond Rep. said that a person from the company would contact us with what we wanted on the cover.
I really would like that cover hanging on my wall next to my Kevin Eastman TMNT #1 sketch cover.
By GBMelnutz
TristanJones wrote:Quick answer. I haven't finished drawing them, that's why. I got a lot to burn through, s well as the actual pages I'm doing of this book. And the covers, and other jobs.
Thanks for the fast response, Tristan.
Is there any reason why IDW hasn't called or emailed me yet?
Just curious...
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By groschopf
Personally, I'm getting excited for #13. Don't get me wrong -- I'm enjoying every issue. But I really want to see where this rival Ghost-Busters team plot winds up.
I like the issue #10 Laura Parr reference to things getting out of hand back in New York during the Ghostbusters absence. It's not much to go off, but it's yet another indication of things to come.
This Post Contains Spoilers
I'm also curious, after seeing the equipment Ron and Jimmy bench test in #9, if one of their selling points as potential contractors to the city of New York will be less destructive hardware. Seems as though their equipment is smaller and less militant. One would presume it will also be less powerful and less likely to things go "boom". That would make them darling of New York's insurance companies, and subsequently, the city, right off the bat. Ron could even hire some rookie college kids to do the work for him on the cheap... say, I don't know... some "extreme" types.

The commercials alone would be worth it -- "bust ghosts, not your bank". Or "bust ghosts, not your property".

Less powerful equipment and a green team would also speak to just how much Ron underestimates how difficult Ghostbusting is and the level of firepower one needs to do it. Sooner or later, Ron's new team could wind up bringing their paranormal squirt guns to a supernatural knife fight -- and once again underscore the importance of everyone's positron collider wielding crew.

Or.... instead of running a service, Ron could just develop a low powered proton pack that disperses ectoplasmic entities (much like Robo-buster's blasters)... and sell the packs themselves directly to the consumer. But I think issue #13's solicitation has pretty much ruled that out. I also hate that idea because it reminds of that stupid "buy your Ghostbuster gear from a shop" schtick from the early Nintendo and Sega video games. "Honey! I bought a Ghost Vacuum and some bait from RonCo!"

Regardless, I'm really anxious to see where this rivalry goes.

Love the work everyone at IDW is doing for this series.
By EctoGlow
I'm hopping that this series is doing well. I've picked up every single issue. This and turtles have been the only comics ive gotten into in a long time.
By Erik Burnham
groschopf wrote:Personally, I'm getting excited for #13. Don't get me wrong -- I'm enjoying every issue. But I really want to see where this rival Ghost-Busters team plot winds up.
#13-15! (:

And you were very close with some of the ideas I'd been kicking around -- I won't say which!

I hope the book continues to do well, too -- so keep pre-ordering, everyone. You keeping us rolling is much appreciated!

(And hey, it convinced IDW to solicit a REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Omnibus, so you fans of the cartoon have that coming as well!)
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By mrmichaelt
Erik Burnham wrote:#13-15! (:

And you were very close with some of the ideas I'd been kicking around -- I won't say which!
Peter's going to be pissed isn't he? :)
I hope the book continues to do well, too -- so keep pre-ordering, everyone. You keeping us rolling is much appreciated!
I'm a little curious but how often do you know to keep scripting (i.e. After Issue #8, they greenlit scripts up to #16)?
By Erik Burnham
I take 'em one trade (4) at a time. I had set up longer plot threads (that would have died on the vine if we'd been cancelled) but like I said, I take 'em 4 issues at a time. Because of the way the solicits go (a book coming out in September would need to have the solicit to Diamond in May to make the July Previews, IIRC) If there's going to be a 13-16, I'd know by or before May, for an example.

There's no plans to cancel right now, so far as I know -- I just don't take anything for granted. (:

As always, folks, word of mouth and pre-orders -- that'll keep us running.
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By Fritz
Erik Burnham wrote:(And hey, it convinced IDW to solicit a REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Omnibus, so you fans of the cartoon have that coming as well!)
Forget Egon's rules - the streams have been crossed, the dead have risen, and a free-roaming apparition is part of the gang! It's The Real Ghostbusters, ladies and gentlemen, and in this first volume omnibus collection you can score issues #1-14 of the classic NOW comics series. Be there as Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston keep doing what they do. After all, they ain't afraid of no ghosts!
I have all of those issues. I still plan to get this.
By Slime Square
What a fantastic series this has been! I am loving every issue! The creative team is top notch!

One thing I have to gripe about in the Lara Parr story, however, is Jones's use of a "mini hatch." In the story, Parr mentions she drive that car until she was run off road. The car wasn't in production until 2001, which would throw out the continuity that Erik and Dan have set up in the timeline, that being around 1993 or 1994. I feel that's such a lazy way to write, especially since it is so easy to switch out a "mini hatch" for any number of cars in the early nineties. Oh well. I guess this story isn't part of the continuity and can just be enjoyed as a separate piece of fiction.
By TristanJones
I kind of take offence to that.

It's actually a very hard way to write, because I had a joke in there about her car being a Pinto (which it is, I even gave it the license place from "Cujo"), but at the last minute we had to change it to something generic enough that we could bypass licensing issues. The problem with me being Australian is that our car models are different, so I went through a list of about ten or so other reasonable names I thought were free only to discover they'd all been used by American car manufacturers in the past.

The second thing is that the car, visually, is very clearly not this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_Hatch, which is what I'm assuming you're talking about. It's not a huge problem at all, but you've just misread what she's saying. She's said "I drove a mini-hatch/mini hatch until..." the same way someone would say "I drove an Eldorado until...". The Eldorado is the type of car, Cadillac is the brand. It seems like you've read Mini Hatch as a MINI (brand) Hatch (type), which I can see how that would happen, but I haven't drawn the car to look like that -- that car she's driving is clearly and old piece of junk, which doesn't quite work with the notion of it being something from the Mini brand.

Also, as Erik is often quick to jokingly point out in many of our often public conversations, I was the one who jokingly set the date for the series. I personally don't believe ANY comic should hold to dates like that (for reasons pretty similar to what's been brought up here), but I did the math and in that first PCOC file put a very loose date in place for the hell of it. Erik may choose to completely discard that; I don't mind, I just put a blurred date on a paper for the sake of detail and balance in an image. Hell, I thought people would call me out on the way I draw Ecto and Venkman (which doesn't gel at all with the way Dan does) and as Laura Parr finishes, you'll see other things there that don't necessarily gel with what you've seen in the main series, but nobody's said anything about either of those things yet.

If something's a stumbling block, sure ask, that's what forums are for, and I'm more than happy to answer questions and clarify things, I'd just prefer you do that rather than call me a lazy writer when I shot emails back and forth constantly to ensure this story fit in as perfectly as possible. Initially it wasn't even going to be set DURING Haunted America, I'd wanted it to happen on the road home, but Erik preferred we set it between Roswell and Seattle and after talking about it for a bit and going over continuity issues in my own head I made it work. I have road maps of the entire trip drawn out (which you can even glimpse in #7's PCOC file), and heaps of other stuff, so, lazy; not so much. Last resort; kinda yeah -- because it kind of killed a Pinto joke both Tom and I wanted in there.

I'd also wait until the story's completely done with. Not everything is as it seems and nobody's figured it out yet.
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By Carnacki
Well said, Mr. Jones. And I disagree that anyone working on this series could be considered "lazy" or whatever he said, so I wouldn't listen.

"Not everything is as it seems and nobody's figured it out yet." AH!!! What does that mean? Now I need to reread both parts and look for clues!!

I'm LOVING the series and it's only gotten better with each issue. Keep up the great job
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By mrmichaelt
TristanJones wrote:(which it is, I even gave it the license place from "Cujo")
Very cool. I thought it was just a subtle way of framing the story in Oregon.
I have road maps of the entire trip drawn out (which you can even glimpse in #7's PCOC file), and heaps of other stuff, so, lazy; not so much.
Oh, yeah a part of the Washington area! It would neat to see the whole map someday on deviantArt. <cough><cough>

Since the Slime Blower is showing up in the Laura Parr arc, it'd be pretty dope to see some Slime Tethering action. Maybe something as epic as Batman owning Joker and that big rig in The Dark Knight though that may take up a lot of panels.
By Erik Burnham
Yeah, Jones spoke off the cuff in a gag with 1994. I've tried not to contradict that, but I really prefer things to hang in a vague now (and some locations in HA didn't exist before this decade, so... y'know.) (;

I feel that the GB movies were of "now." (Now is now then. And we've just gone to plaid.) The game was the period piece. Now, as I've said, I'm not going to have Janine playing Angry Birds on a tablet computer, but I'd prefer to keep it as timeless as possible above all.

And I'll second Jones being the exact opposite of lazy. He, Dan, and Luis KILL themselves every month.

I sip mai tais on the beach. This may also be why I've put on 30 lbs since this gig started. Dammit.

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By Fritz
Fritz Babbles About Ghostbusters #10:

Sorry about the delay. I would have had this up a day earlier, but just as I was done writing the snarky commentary, we had a power outage and thus, all work was lost because I didn't save it. I will now be saving this commentary every time I finish a paragraph :lol:

< save >
The next leg of the Ghostbusters "Haunted America" tour brings our heroes to New Orleans, home of Mardi Gras. Since this is June, Venkman misses it again. And it's too bad--the same blonde chick who was in "Play Them Ragtime Boos" appears in the shot of Mardi Gras. Ghostbusters wiki says her name was "Marie Cuttie", but her fake Cajun accent was so thick in the episode itself I had no idea what she said; I guess I'll take mrmichaelt and devilmanozzy's word on this one. The good news is, looks like Malachi was there too, which would have made the trip a lot less fun.

< save >

Anyway, the ECTO-9 arrives in Nawleans to a crowd of screaming, happy fans. No, wait, that isn't what happens at all. The ECTO-9 arrives to an angry mob who's ready to riot. After getting a tomato thrown at him, Venkman drags out a slime blower and hoses down the mob with a dose of pure, concentrated Jackie Wilson. At that point, the crowd probably wouldn't notice if they got run over (as Venkman says in the story itself).

< save >

Their destination is a mansion in the Garden District, where they meet their client, Mister Thibodeaux. As Mister Thibodeaux looks like Billy Dee Williams, and "Thibodeaux" is about as much fun to type as "Schenectady", he will henceforth be referred to as "Lando"

< save >

In one of Dan Schoening's great call-backs, the Ghostbusters are all decked out in their civvies from the cartoon. If you ever wanted to see what a Ramis caricature looked like in RGB Egon's pink shirt and suspenders, here's your chance--and it works pretty well.

< save >

Lando has brought them here on behalf of someone else: famous voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Who was a real person and everything. Look:


I tell you, a Manitou, the Russian spirit of death trapped in a bag, and now Marie Laveau, it just proves my point that there's a lot of real world folklore to draw upon for stories. Far far more creative and interesting that The Ghostbusters Vs. Gozer Or A Member of His Family Part CXVII

< save >

So what's a two hundred year old plus undead voodoo queen need with the Ghostbusters? Well, turns out she had a daughter with the same name (also from Real Life) who fell to the Dark Side, forcing Mom to put Marie Junior down. But with St. John's Eve, Marie Junior gets an opportunity to come back and disrupt the tourist trade something fierce--Madame Laveau wants her daughter stopped, but not destroyed, which is where...say...a bunch of guys capable of catching ghosts and locking them up in a Containment Unit would come in handy, right?

< save >

Plus Lando is loaded, so money for the job is no object. You can practically see Venkman drooling at the thought. Lando's posh estate included a replica of the Moaning Stones of Tangalla. At least, I sure hope it's a replica--the Undying One would make, to borrow a phrase, an evil voodoo princess look like Little Mary Sunshine. Nah, has to be a replica--we all know Winston has one of the pieces stashed back in New York.

< save >

And to further a subplot that's been brewing, depending on how you look at it, since issue #1 or all the way back to the first movie, Lavaeu takes Egon aside and reminds him there's more to being alive than just breathing. Egon doesn't seem to get her point. "There's love, Son. It turns the whole world, and someday soon you gonna notice that." She then hands him a gris-gris with a heart on it, telling him he'll know what to do with it when the time is right.

< save >

Actually, in Egon's defense, the last two times somebody tried to use magic to improve his love life it...didn't turn out so well. Of course, there were genies and vanity spirits with their own agendas behind those. Plus I don't think he's as clueless as he's playing here--he doesn't go around inventing computer programs to write books designed to "stimulate" women who "read a lot" every day.

< save >

Anyway, fast forward to St. John's Eve, and sure enough, the voodoo hoodoo is on. First we get the dancing zombies, and Venkman is horrified--zombies are lousy dancers. One of them looks like Michael Jackson...maybe this story really does take place in the present. Nah--the zombie looks like Jackson back when he was a black man instead of a white woman. Even 1992 would be too late for that.

< save >

Ray then takes the opportunity to remind everyone of his second job, running an occult book store, as he uses an old trick from Jones' Manual on New Orleans Voodoo--salt the zombies, and they collapse. (Tristan is moonlighting, I take it :lol: ) Efficient, I'll give it that. Just don't let the guys making all the zombie movies find out about this--if defeating zombies becomes so easy, they may have to actually come up with real plots or something.

< save >

Marie Junior makes her entrance and, of course, she's pissed at Ray for stopping Thriller Time. Marie Junior is kinda hot in an evil, undead kind of way. She grabs Ray; Egon and Winston then pull their own BS job (hey, Venkman and Ray can't have all the fun, right?)--Egon tears off a hunk of his hair, tries to tell Marie Junior that it's hers, and Winston invokes the name of his ancestor/prior incarnation Shima Buku. Marie Junior is only fooled for about three seconds, but it's long enough for Venkman to get into a position with a ghost trap, and thus New Orleans only has one undead Marie Laveau roaming around once more.

< save >

We get an epilog with the Ghostbusters back at Lando's place, apparently dressed for a trip to Samantha Stantz's dairy farm. Madame Laveau is able to bring peace to both herself and Marie Junior's trapped spirit--she's can talk to Junior in the ghost trap, she's just that good. As the Ghostbusters leave, Laveau reminds Egon about the Chekhov's Gun in his pocket, and thus begins the long road trip to Part Three.

< save >

Meanwhile/Later, we get part two of "Who Killed Laura Parr?" Between the RGB civvies in "Haunted America" and RGB Venkman in "Laura Parr", I'm feeling downright teased. Maybe next they'll let Dan do an entire issue or a one-shot story with the RGB likenesses of the characters. A guy can dream, can't he?

< save >

Anyway, Venkman leaves the diner and gloats as a radio report talks about increasing supernatural activity back in New York. He's thinking Peck might appreciate them a little more now. Unlike us, though, Venkman hasn't seen all the cut scenes with Ron "Jake Kong" Alexander, or read the solicitations for issue 13. "What do you mean we've been replaced? These guys couldn't even come up with their own name! 'Ghost-Busters'? Like that's supposed to make it totally different? Seriously?"

< save >

And low and behold, picks up a hitchhiker named Laura Parr. In the process Venkman mentions his Mom. In hindsight, I shouldn't have used Shiela Paulson's name "Margaret Abernathy" in the Timeline for Venkman's Mom. I should have named her "Cat Schroedinger" since they could never figure out if she was alive or dead. Er, where was I? Oh yeah, Laura Parr, who might also be said to not be totally alive or dead. Venkman warns her that playing with the Ghost Trap could make her go blind (Egon might dispute that). Things get more interesting when Laura picks up a PKE Meter...hm...

Something tells you you're not getting laid by this one, Peter. Unless Laura is one of those ghosts Ray dreams about.
This Post Contains Spoilers
< save >

See you next month.

< save >
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By Carnacki
Hell, I thought people would call me out on the way I draw Ecto and Venkman
I actually have a question for Dan and Tristan about this. Is there a reason Dan's Ectomobile doesn't have the red fins? I always assumed it was a rights issue with Cadillac or something, but in Tristan's interpretation, they appear. Is there a reason behind this that you fellas can go into?

Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!
By Dapper Dan
Hey Carnacki! Back when I did the Hallowe'en one shot, I had to revise the Ecto I drew due to licensing issues. Since then, I've kinda kept that model out of familiarity...and not having to worry about revisions! lol
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By mrmichaelt
Surpise guests for the IDW panel?How about four? <cough><cough>

EDIT: Question to Mr. Jones - was it deliberate that the Road Rage poster referenced the IDW comic that features the story Throttle based on a story about a motorist stalked by a mystery truck driver that ties into the story itself with Laura Parr and the ghost which was adapted from the movie Duel which in turn adapted by a story by Richard Matheson whose last name Matheson is used in Zeke's directions to Peter who was dressed in clothes from the Real Ghostbusters when Egon also mentioned Matheson in "The Haunting of Heck House" and a Fizz Cola sign was propped up on the building to the left of the Firehouse which then appears next to Peter in the diner?
By Erik Burnham
I don't think (unless we're shanghaied at the last minute) we'll be in on any panels. At least, I haven't been asked -- the others may have a full schedule.

And shucks, I think outside of (however many) signings IDW schedules, the only person who has a concrete plan for the show is Jones (who has a home at someone's table/booth.)

I'm not sure what Dan's plans are, but It's a sure bet his many American fans will seek him out. And I know Luis will be running from a legion of adoring women, as he does.

I'm the only guy who comes from a solidly rural area, I think, so the jury is out as to if I can even find my way out of the airport. (:
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By mrmichaelt
TristanJones wrote:Yes to everything.
Erik Burnham wrote:I don't think (unless we're shanghaied at the last minute) we'll be in on any panels.
That would be a bummer. Depending on #11's release, there would be the back half of Haunted America to promote... but like you said there would be a riot if Mr. Delgado were to stay in one place for too long.
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