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By JoeLuna33
nolatron wrote:Sent Joe $7 for a vent tube 5 weeks ago and it has not been delivered yet. Other than a post 2/5 weeks ago in his sale thread (which is now locked) saying all parts made and ready to ship, I've had zero communication back from him on the order.

Just would like to know where my part is.
Nolatron is correct. I must have read his PM on my phone and forgot to respond to it when I got home. I am sorry for my horrible communication with you. I have refunded your payment for the Vent Tube.
By Pony
Got my labels today and they look fantastic. These are high quality and are really going to add that extra touch of authenticity so my next pack build. Thanks Joe!
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By Ecto_1
Got my labels today and these things are amazing looking! Thanks again Joe for doing this super run and putting more authenticity onto my pack!
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By bromie
Sorry Joe, i'm hoping you see this here 'cos i've sent a few PM's with no reply for a month or so.

I bought a Raytheon knob and skirt sometime around April, but didn't receive anything. When i PM'd you you said that i must have been forgotten, which i don't have a problem with, but i still haven't received anything since i last talked to you. I'm in no immediate rush but i'd expect at least some kind of communication, even if it's to tell me there's been a problem.

Sorry about this but it's been about three months since i paid for the items, and as far as i can tell you have a good track record with fulfilling customer orders.

Just let me know what's happening when you see this.

Thanks, Dan.
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I received my gb2 patch, my clippard tube, and my venky bumper all items were perfect! super fast shipping and great communication! I hope to do business with you again and I forgot to mention Joe was even kind enough to throw in one of his wonderful bumper labels :cool: thanks again!
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By IPv6Freely
Just got my GB2 patch in the mail. Holy crap, this thing is fantastic. It's going to almost seem wrong to not be putting this on a G&B suit!

Thanks Joe, can't wait for the GB1 patches!
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By 1985gbfan
Got my elbows in the mail and my god I thought they would be a little bigger. Guess seeing a product in real life rather than on pics is different. Either way I got them and they are amazing. Joe you are my best seller and you always deliver an amazing product and always send it in a timely maner. Thanks again man you rock!!!!
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By jimbo7
My patch and tubing just came in from Joe. His patch is top notch and couldnt be happier. Also, on a side note, he is a pleasure to deal with as a customer as well.
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By MandoMan
Got my GB2 patch and elbows in today, love them! The patch is just awesome, looking forward to a GB1!
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By GhostExterminator
Oops!! Need to edit... Joe, you can fix the original post and delete this on, if you want.
GhostExterminator wrote:
It's the second time I've bought from Joe and I would *NOT* hesitate to do it again.
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By Skully
Joe is the kind of guy that outdoes him self ever time he comes to the table with a product hes offering.....real great seller and is top notch on shipping and customer service .....
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By skeg_man
Forgot to post months back. I purchased some fantastic cast items off Joe. After a few small delay's we got out stuff sorted and I got the items.. They were out fantastic and I can't highly recommend them.

Also I recently purchased and received a GB2 patch!! Very movie accurate. Happy to have it sewn on my arm!! :) Fast post on the patch and looking forward to the new GB1 patch too. :)
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By abaka
Got my GB2 patch yesterday and whilst I only ordered one to support the run and also ensure I got in on this run I am absolutely in love with it!

Making me want to do a GB2 uniform again...Thinking when I get the GB1 patch it might be too good for a regular nomex, might get a gibson and barnes and really show it off.. Many thanks for offering these Joe
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By Matt Campbell
Received my GB2 logo patches in the mail and am very impressed, my son loves his and thinks he is truly a Ghostbuster now. I think the craftsmanship was great and can't wait to get our GB1 logo patches upon their completion.
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By julz
Received my gb2 patch and red tube. Very happy with the both of them especially the patch. Joe is a fantastic person to do business with!
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By Redwing19
I got gen 2 elbows from Joe a few weeks ago and my MT500 came today. Joe was great and I couldn't be happier!
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By Venky
Got a GB2 patch and MT500 yesterday among other thing from him before and nothing but smiles ans satisfaction in every way from his service and what he offers up every single time.

Do not hesitate to order anything he offers up, you will not be disappointed.

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