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By AlTheRelic
All that I can really say is that I really love the kooky 80s to early 90s appeal that these little guys have. The Yolanda PVC toy company was a Spaniard toy company that were famous for producing PVC figurines of iconic characters, a great example is the Ninja Turles, Inspector Gadget and Ghostbusters figures and that in itself is only to name a few. The Yolanda Ghostbusters PVC set consists of figures of: Egon, Ray, Peter, Winston, Slimer's (Two variations of Slimer) and last but not least the No Ghost Logo. I am proud to say that I own a complete little strore display of these Ghostbuster PVC figures. I conclude by mentioning that the only real flaw I can find in this set is the very limited detail in the sculpts of the four actual Ghostbusters but I still insist that it was quite impressive that Yolanda even decided to tackle producing the four figures of the Busters themselves as most companies would have stop at the Slimers and the No Ghost Logo. The Yolanda Toy unlike Kenner graced the world with a figure of the No Ghost Logo, a character that wouldn't have gotten another figure made for over 20 years. They also graced the world with two Slimer figures that were compatible with the Kenner Ghostbuster figures were as Kenner themselves produced Slimer's which were much too big for the Ghostbusters figures something we didn't see until trend masters produced an appropriately sized Slimer pack in Ghost to go along with their Extreme Ghostbusters Action figure line.
By AlTheRelic
I'd love to know if the other Spanis PVC set was supposed to have been a part of the same set as the Yolanda Ghostbusters set?

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