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By Ectoolds442
This absolutely RULES!!! I am a newcomer to the forum, but ive been a camera guy for Kraft Sports Productions for the past 10 seasons/ 9years! On the field gunslingin a camera for the coin toss, anthems and all the live action you see on the jumbotron at the game! Id love to get a logo like this without the NH logo as im from Central MA....but id def have a patch made up and wear it on the field! Dan Akyroyds going to be at this sundays game and i get to meet him etc etc because everyone knows im a lifer Ghosthead! anyways way cool!!!
By They call me Duck
I hate ... HATE ... being one of those guys that complains about the refs, but man, after 2 straight weeks of this crap? Gimme a break. I'll be at the Denver game and the ship will be righted, but this week, I'm pissed.
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By Donkey8012
Maybe they were jinxed by this thread...
By Ectoolds442
The last 2 games were sick...the no huddle INSANE paced offense is brutal to the other teams.....If you guys saw the whole thing on cbs apparently my head was COMPLETELY blocking Brady and Manning in the huddle and coin toss at midfield....and i muscled the national cbs camera guy outta my way so i was in the way of their shot and screwed cbs national broadcast lol OOPS!!!!!!!!!! Just doing my job! YOU BONEHEADS ARE GUNNA COME DOWN HERE AND SHAKE MY MONKEY TREE!!!!
By Ectoolds442
and how about that patriots GB logo without NH in it I totally gotta get that and have a patch made to wear on the feild! You guys think you can hook it up????----Matt
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Not a Ravens fan, but I'm superstitious as hell when it comes to sports. I'm telling you, you pissed off the football gods with this thread.
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By Chace
lunchbox739 wrote:The patriots make it real easy for everyone to hate them just by acting like they do.....they redefine the term...sore losers.

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I pretty much hate all sports but due to my job I occasionally have to go to games and stuff...anyway speaking of sore losers this video was making the rounds on the news feeds today.

Apparently Falcons fans aren't so good with taking losses themselves.

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That video is hilarious. Also, to support the "sore loser" claim, Wes Welker's wife posted a pretty classless anti-Ray Lewis note on Facebook after the game. Almost the same thing Tom Brady's wife did last year. Also, and this is just on an aside, did anyone hear what Terrell Suggs said about the Pats being arrogant? Totally unfounded...--COUGH -- see "Ray Lewis's retirement party" picture posted earlier...--COUGH--

:) I crack myself up sometimes. :)
FunkPunkTwang wrote:What did they do to be sore losers?

When I say this understand im not a patriots fan, falcons fan, 49ers or ravens fan.... truth be told my girlfreind is a bigger NFL fan then I am....

A championship game is a thing of prestige.. you made it to the deciding game that puts you in the super bowl...after the big game win or lose the coaches and some players will go in...see some reporters. answer some questions..maybe shoot a congratz to the winning team.... Belicheck barely took one comment before gettin pissy and storming out of the room... it was just poor form and really crapass attitude on his part. it was all over ESPN and other news outlets the nightof and today.

piss poor sportsmanship...he had a good team and they just didnt bring the game with em to the field...thats on him and his players...I honestly wish i could have sat in that room afer the game... id have been on the front row with a T shirt that said "Yo mad bro?"

I'm with not a huge sports guy either...I may keep up with the dawgs occasionally...most of the time im pre occupied with work or whatever prop project I have going on.

I've lived in the Conyers, Covington, Mansfield, Social circle area of georgia most of my life and Atlanta fans are never graceful with a loss....think about past years georgia sports in general..when they play well they make it to a championship game, then choke....(not worth smashing your TV in over though) how many pennants do the Braves have hangin at Turner Field? now how many world series trophies do you see? same concept... I would have bet against the Falcons if they had been playing a high school football team...
It could be worse. You guys could be in my boat. I'm a Raiders fan...
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